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Best Things to Experience in Simcoe County

Located in the heart of Southern Ontario, Simcoe County is a beautiful place stretching over the shores of Lake Simcoe in the east to Georgian

Ahana Sengupta November 9, 2020
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Judge Sentences Indian Americans to 7 years prison for H1B Visa Fraud

The H1B Visas is a hot topic and have many scams and frauds associated with it. Recently two Indian-American brothers

Icy Canada Team April 29, 2020

Canadian Women: 20 Most Popular Women in Canada

Through the heroic efforts of these great women, gender equality and human rights have significantly advanced from the earliest colonial

Gautam Thakral September 19, 2022

Guide to Waterton Lakes in Canada – Seven Fun Things To Do

In Canada, the Waterton Lakes is officially recognized as one of the best places in the world to go on

Arsh Das July 28, 2021

How Much Does Law School Cost in Canada: 6 Amazing Law Schools You Need to Know About

A quick guide on "how much does law school cost in Canada?" Great lawyers start with passion, perseverance, dedication, and

Vaish December 4, 2021

The 15 Best Comic Stores Toronto To Watch Out For

Comics are not just about men saving the earth in tights.  While the movies are amazing, for far wilder tales

Pritam October 15, 2020