T-shirts For Men: Tips To Look Trendy

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Icy Canada TeamJuly 25, 2022
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Black t shirt on a young man template on white background.
Black t shirt on a young man template on white background. Source: Depositphotos

T-shirts can give you an elegant look if you wear them in style. It will be ideal if you get the right fit. They are not only worn as casual wear. You can wear t-shirts to work and some social events if appropriate for the occasion. However, it would be best if you appear fashionable in them. Here are tips to help you to achieve an elegant appearance in t-shirts.

Identify your body shape

A t-shirt that perfectly fits an individual with a muscular physique may not flatter your body frame. You must opt for one that will fit your shape. If you have a thin build, it will become more noticeable with a wrong fit. Besides, you will need a shirt that will hide your extra midsection’s weight if you are largely built.

Choose the right fit

A good t-shirt fit will appropriately show your masculine figure. It shouldn’t restrict your movement or cause discomfort. Neither should it be tight on any part of the torso. The shirt’s shoulder seams should align with your shoulder. If they are low, the shirt will be loose on you and tight if they are nearer to your neck.

Good-fitting t-shirts have sleeves lightly hugging the biceps and cover a third of them. Tight-fitting sleeves can inhibit circulation while loose ones flap around the arms. Very long sleeves reach the elbow or drape over half of the biceps. A shorter sleeve will be ideal if you have a muscular build.

A t-shirt shouldn’t be tight on the chest or reveal the stomach’s outline. Choose a t-shirt with a length slightly beyond your waistband. Your midsection should remain covered when you raise your arms. 

Opt for a suitable style

Though crew neck T-shirt for men is classic, the V-neck design looks great on fitter individuals. The neckline drops a bit, drawing attention to your strongly built-up chest. Besides giving a more masculine look, a V-neck style can make you appear taller. It is ideal for men who have a narrow face or reduced neck.

However, avoid the scoop neck design, which plunges down the chest. Such designs expose much cleavage. The crew neck style will suit individuals with a thin body frame. It emphasizes less on the chest area and won’t expose much of your neck.

Dark colors are great

Though light colors aren’t bad, dark colors suit many complexions. You can choose a navy, gray, or black-colored t-shirt. You may try blue, green, dark olive, or even maroons. Pairing a good-fitting t-shirt with a dark-colored pair of trousers or jeans will make you appear trimmer and taller. Shorter men and those with extra weight in their midsection will look better in dark colors. Also, the shirt will look good if tucked.

T shirt for men can be fashionable when complemented with a vest or jacket. A vest adds sophistication to your outfit. The t-shirt should be neatly tucked beneath the vest. A jacket with a similar color to the chosen t-shirt will give you a great look. However, it is better to avoid color combinations with high contrast.

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