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Canadian history is known for its multiculturalism. Very open to immigrants from all over the world. Get to know about rich cultural heritage and diversity.

Why and When Did Newfoundland Join Canada?

Newfoundland is one of the smallest provinces in Canada and a country

Anisha ShamdasaniAnisha ShamdasaniApril 1, 2023

When was Slavery Abolished in Canada: Historic Milestone

Slavery was practised in Canada since the pre-Columbian era and the British

Abhishek swamiAbhishek swamiMarch 17, 2023

Canadian Museum of History And Its 5 Permanent Exhibitions

Canadian museums are renowned for their historical events, arts, and people influencing

poojaa_poojaa_December 11, 2022

Royal Alberta Museum: 8 Greatest Reasons To Visit

Want to explore one of the best places in Canada? If so,

Ankita RanjanAnkita RanjanNovember 16, 2022

The Origins of Canadian Thanksgiving: 5 Fascinating Facts

Every year, Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October.

Rituraj MiliRituraj MiliOctober 29, 2022

10 Exciting Things To Do In Gatineau

Do you know Gatineau is one of Quebec's top three tourist gateways?

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List of 78 Residential Schools in Canada

Did you know there is a huge list of residential schools in

Reddy MohithReddy MohithSeptember 24, 2022

Everything to Know About the Battle of Vimy Ridge

During World War I, the Vimy Ridge battle lasted from April 9

Nikita RohillaNikita RohillaFebruary 2, 2022

Pride Month Canada: 13th Century to Present

In this article, the history of Pride month Canada will be detailed,

Alice PreethiAlice PreethiNovember 26, 2021

The Indigenous People In Canada – An Intriguing Subject

Canada is a land filled with a rich history. Approximately 4.9% of

NehaNehaJune 28, 2021