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The Ottawa River is a major river in eastern Canada. Emerge into the most significant waterways in the region which speaks out loud about the rich history.

Ottawa Brings the Classic Halloween Movie Themes in October!

Are you planning a Halloween evening out? Then take a look at

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Things to do in Ottawa, Canada: Top 22 Amazing Things

Ottawa is Canada's fourth largest city and it attracts more than 7

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8 Interesting Aspects Of The Canadian War Museum

Canada hosts a Canadian War Museum in the city of Ottawa, Ontario.

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9 Best Ottawa Museums You Can’t Miss

Ottawa museums are so famous that people travel far to see them

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Ottawa On A Budget: 12 Free Things To Do

Ottawa, Canada's capital, is a terrific destination with an extensive range of

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6 Amazing Facts About Brookstreet Hotel That You Must Know

Away from the buzz of Ottawa city, located in a tranquil setting,

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Exploring Ottawa: 16 Must-Visit Places

Apart from holding international meetings, the capital of a country is chosen

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Best Buys at Ikea Ottawa: Top 5 Products

The Swedish furniture store is now continuing its services in Ottawa. Ikea

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Which Canadian City Should You Live in?

Which Canadian city should you live in? The beautiful maple country located

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7 Best Schools in Ottawa For Your Children

Some of the best schools in Ottawa are well-known all over Canada

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