Telus World Of Science: A Journey to Excitement and Learning

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Telus World of Science

Telus World of Science is a place where you can enter and greet the world of Science. It is a place where there are different galleries based on scientific discoveries and revelations, and also, there is a variety of scientific equipment and experiments kept here.

The Telus World of Science (TWOS) is located in Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada. Telus World of Science is a hub of the mysteries and explanations of Science and its theories, both analytics and its magic. The TWOS was built as a replacement for the Queen Elizabeth planetarium because it had a minimal seating capacity.

All About The Origins of Telus World Of Science(TWOS)

The origin of the “Telus world of science” dates back to its opening year, 1984. It was called the Edmonton Space Science Centre initially; the name was changed to the Edmonton Space and Science Centre.

An architect named Douglas J. Cardinal made the building’s design. In 2005, the Centre was renamed to its present name Telus World Of Science(TWOS), due to a 20 year deal with Telus Communications. The deal was for about $8 million.

The dome of the center is enormous, the largest of its kind in Canada. The crown is called – the Zeidler Dome. The tourist numbers are about half a million per year. The Centre is under renovation and will come to a new and better life soon.

Telus World of Science

WinterforceMedia(WinterE229), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The 2 Projects of Telus World of Science (TWOS)

The Telus World Of Science endorses two programs/projects: “Science in Motion” and “TransAlta Science Lab.”

Let’s see each of those:

1. TransAlta Science Lab:

It is a library that hosts many kinds of science experiments under-qualified teachers’ guidance. The lab is well equipped and is spacious, which means an excellent sized student group can perform experiments together.

 2. Science in Motion

This project helps students by bringing science programs to the class. Experiments and other science shows capture the children’s imaginations and make them love Science and grow to become useful, rational, and practical thinkers.


Major Galleries in Telus World of Science

1. Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab is the first of the galleries. Here the built-in robots are shown performing specific tasks. The Robots are made by exceptional engineers and are kept in this Gallery where they are held to display different activities which they can achieve.

2. Space Gallery

The second is the Space gallery. The space gallery provides visitors with knowledge of astronomy, stars, solar systems, galaxies, and other astronautical wonders. The Gallery depicts the understanding of the astronomical bodies and how they work. It displays the Science of the sky and all that the universe holds in terms of astronautics.

3. Environment Gallery

The third is the environment gallery. It has displays of the world’s environment- how it came to be, and where it’s going—the environment gallery depicts content about sciences like geology, ecology, etc.

4. Health Gallery

The fourth is the health gallery. This Gallery has a lot of information concerning the human body, how it works, what separates humans from other creatures, and why humans’ anatomy is like the way it is.

5. Discovery Land

Then there is the fifth one called discovery land, built for kids aged two to eight years. It has little science projects for the kids.

6. Kinetic Hall

The sixth one is Kinetic Hall, which is used for summer camps and school children to come and experience the world of Science.

7. Science Garage

The seventh one, Science Garage, is where the rolling ball machine is kept. The last one is the Feature exhibit gallery, which houses remain from movies like Indiana Jones or harry potter series.

The popularity of these galleries is enormous. People of all ages- including toddlers to adults show up here every week and enjoy the projects that the Telus World of Science (TWOS) offer. The possibilities are endless. The children and the adults can learn about science’s wonders and how to reason as the scientists and the mathematicians do. The projects and galleries here provide a platform that would become a basis for future scientists to think specifically and learn the principles of Science in a fun, exciting way.

Telus World of Science

Photo from WriterGal39/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

Other Attractions in Telus World of Science(TWOS)

TWOS is full of surprises and scientific wonders, from galleries to distinct projects which entertain masses of ages 8 to 60 or even above. The spree of people coming to TWOS is not only endless but is growing. The people on returning have vast loads of scientific education to swallow along with the gulp of entertainment, making the visitor want more and more visits to TWOS.

There are other attractions too which are confined in here, in the majestic dome. Let’s see a few: There is a science stage, where the TWOS team shows different science projects and explains the what, why, and how of Science. It is a place that is cultured in the dynamics of the Scientific thought process and leads to a better understanding of how the universe works and educates the individual to think scientifically and question the world’s working in every way. It is an interactive process and not a solo show.

There is also a “Computer Lab” filled with equipment like high power processing computers, and are on display. A random person can educate himself with more of the faster and more intelligent versions of computers. The lab is used for shows like “computer camps” where kids are introduced to the new technology and the latest computer technology advancements.

There is also the presence of Margaret Zeidler Star Theatre. This theatre is a very unique and special attraction here. It’s a 200-250 seater dome that depicts shows as in a planetarium and runs a storyline about the stars and other celestial bodies- the galaxies, the solar systems, and planets universe, and a lots more.

Another one of those is the IMAX Theatre, which shows educational shows and movies. The movies are displayed in high resolution. This theatre gets a large number of visitors every week. There is also a gift shop from which people can buy mementos.

These attractions attract the tourists and other local populations to visit a gigantic and fascinating world of science and all that it encompasses. The time spent here is a Quality time where one is both entertained and educated at a different level. TWOS is opened from 10 am to 5 pm.

Telus World Of Science: A Journey to Excitement and Learning 1

Photo by David Stanley/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

The people going to these events come out with a positive response to the TWOS and say that they’d love to come again. And the center boasts of an average of about half a million people rushing in, every year. And the numbers are growing steadily. There are special camps for kids and different ones for adults. There are numerous galleries and other scientific attractions that serve as a spot of recreation with learning – i.e., a place to enjoy and think. These are the perks of the place.

The people coming out of the events are quoted- Some say it is “Always Fun,” while others write, “it was a great learning fun for the whole family.” The exhibits of Telus World of Science (TWOS) also keep changing, making it an excellent place to continue visiting even after the first one. The cafeteria services are quoted to be fair, and there are a variety of different food items to choose from. The visitors love the IMAX theatre and the Zeidler Dome the most.

The people also enjoy the way the staff wants them to relax and enjoy their time here. The staff here is accommodating, as the visitors comply. The visitors also comment that “it was an amazing field trip with loads of information.”

Sometimes there are exhibitions for kids, including “harry potter” and some “Marvel’s comic characters.” “The food is a little pricey,” as people say. The children love the shows. The galleries and projects make it fun.

In the end, we can conclude that TWOS- which is Telus World of Science, is a place where people from ages 12 and above can come and enjoy a ride of adventure, growth, learning, education, and technical empowerment- all in the world of Science- in its discoveries and its mysteries.

The people coming out of the events and shows are cheerful and excited about how the world works scientifically. The children learn to reason, logically, practically, and even a taste of experimentation for coming to TWOS (Telus World of Science).

There are special shows for school children and others show for adults. The experience visitors collect from the events at TWOS is immersive and nurturing. It is a unique event that the visitors would remember for a long time- and there are new exhibits that continue to fathom the interest of Science in the attendees.

Every experience here adds to a better quality of excitement- as learning grows. The knowledge captured in ourselves is not only entertaining but also educational.




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