Texas immigration law blocked by Federal Judge

Texas immigration law blocked by Federal Judge 1

Texas bulk state immigration laws was blocked by a federal judge, targeting its sanctuary cities, on Wednesday. It has been a huge victory for the civil rights groups and the Democratic led city parties that were against the measure.


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The new law to ensure that the police force cooperate with the federal immigration enforcement was put to a halt before its deadline, September 1, for implementing the law.

This decision is a blow to the Trump administration. The Justice Department had submitted a legal filing supporting the case.

Five cities in Texas including- Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, El Paso and Austin are parts against this law. The judge in his report mentioned that this would have detrimental effects as the population has exceeded 6 million. It is a part of the public opposition to SB4.

The law enforcement would not be stopped from performing their routine checks and enquiry about immigration at lawful stops and sharing that sharing that information with federal authorities. Garcia who was appointed Bill Clinton ruled the fact that key provisions of SB4 conflicted with federal law.

The Justice Department is still in support of the Texas Law however, it has not said anything against the judge’s ruling either.

Justice spokesman, Devin O’ Malley said that the Texas legislature had to be commended for increasing ways of cooperating with the federal immigration authorities. They are helping reduce violent crime arising from illegal immigration.

The decision has been praised by Austin Mayor Steve Adler. He also mentioned that undocumented immigrants maybe afraid to ask for help during this hurricane situation in South Texas. He feels that especially in this situation of Hurricane Harvey all people need to feel safe no matter what.

A legal challenge to this law could be a very tough one and would take its time through many courts, mentioned Terri Burke, executive director of the Texas branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.


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