The 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan: What You Need To Know

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If you work with sales, you always want to keep track of any development and plan your approaches; the 30-60-90 day method works wonders for this.

In fact, it’s common for someone to ask for a plan of this type while hiring. It’s a great way for a sales manager to know their capabilities.

Having a good 30-60-90 day plan is great for becoming a better seller.

What is the 30-60-90 Days Plan?

It’s a way to lay out your action strategy. You can use it during on-bard periods to maximize your progression towards a new role; it’s the same for growth periods.

Identify your development targets with clear completion timelines. It’s a great way for sales managers to know how things should develop in the next first, second, and third months (hence 30, 60, and 90).

Goals for this approach

There are 3 primary goals to this planning approach.

Besides the following goals, you want to be able to quantify your measurements for success.

  • Align to your team

The first goal is to understand what your team wants. You want to adapt and sync to the team’s objectives.

Management usually takes charge of setting these goals, and your own priorities should be influenced by them. You can set out your goals and easily sync them with the team.

  • Know your priorities

Set your priorities so it helps the team.

Identifying your objectives lets you have a good foundation when deciding which tasks need to be done first.

Aligning with your team’s goals will bring accountability and make work smoother.

  • Measure success

All plans need a way of measuring their success. You want to set a method for measuring your progress during each phase of the 30-60-90 day plan.

A good measure of success can be the things you learned, the integration level with your team, and how you can perform tasks without anyone helping you.

This is also one of the reasons a 30-60-90 day plan is so common during interviews as it gives a good perspective on your new responsibilities.

Two Instances Where You will Need the 30-60-90 Days Plan

  • Interviews

As already stated, many interviewers will ask how you would perform during your first three months on the job. If not, they can also be more upfront.

It’s a great idea to have a general plan ready before heading to an interview. It tells the hiring manager that you’re serious about taking and being good at the job.

You also need to practice explaining the plan to someone. It’s a great way to show that you’re willing to adapt and that you’re also able to organize properly for your responsibilities.

  • First job week

Getting on board with your job during the first days is paramount. Having a plan and sharing it lets you align both your and your team’s management’s goals.

It’s crucial for your team to understand how you work, and it helps greatly with communication.

If you already have a plan ready, then make sure to change it accordingly. It’s an excellent way for you to hold your bearings and focus during the period in which you’re getting used to your new work environment.

A 30-60-90 Days template for you

  • 30-day phase

This first month should be for training and getting used to how the company works. Your priorities should be along learning the product you’re selling, establishing your relationship with your team, and learning the CRM of your company.

  • 60-day phase

Month two should be for adjusting your efficiency and growing your income.

Now, you contact prospects and ask for performance feedback from your District Manager.

  • 90-day phase

Focus on strengthening your initiative to improve and to certain tasks.

You can finish even more calling cycles and have your first Strikeforce account. Scheduling a couple of speaker/dinner programs and coming up with new ways to catch your prospects are two great objectives as well.

Make sure to ask for your manager’s opinion at all times.

Tips for Doing it Better

  • Know the target

Define your targets in detail. Research your ideal client and work your 30-60-90 day plan towards it.

  • Model showcase

Salesmanship and intuition often aren’t enough.

You should identify your quota and come up with an efficient approach showing exactly how you’re going to get to it.

  • Approach demonstration

Use this phase of the plan to demonstrate your tactics.

Following the plan will help show your boss quantifiable, and measurable results. This is also a sales plan strategy that’s sure to work and prove how good a salesperson you’re.

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