The Beginner’s Guide To Creating Effective Remote Teams

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Icy Canada TeamApril 18, 2022
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hand use videoconference app icon of Microsoft Teams on smartphone in Bologna, Italy, 03 May 2020.
hand use videoconference app icon of Microsoft Teams on smartphone in Bologna, Italy, 03 May 2020. Source: Depositphots

Having a remote team can be a massive advantage for multiple objectives. You might want to reduce costs, access better talents from around the world, or offset the operational disruption from COVID-19.

Regardless of the reason, remote teams allow members to work comfortably from wherever they want. It’s great for boosting employee satisfaction. The benefits include less stress, more happiness, and even enhanced productivity.

Nevertheless, creating a remote team today goes beyond a situational advantage or an option. Remote work has been mandatory for companies trying to survive the pandemic’s financial decline.

If you’ve never had experience working with remote resources, you’re in the right place. With the correct approach, you’ll turn everyday challenges into advantages for your business.

CHIANG MAI,THAILAND - APR 11, 2020 : A working from home employee is downloading the Microsoft Teams social platform, ready for remote working in isolation from home.
CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – APR 11, 2020: A working from home employee is downloading the Microsoft Teams social platform, ready for remote working in isolation from home. Source: Depositphotos

Create the correct structure for your team

Many doubts can trouble anyone trying to integrate a remote team into their business. Things like work quality and productivity can be challenging to assess. Ensuring the team works comfortably and can collaborate effectively can be intimidating as well.

Your team’s structure lets you solve most (if not all) of these problems, for they come from lacking organization.  It would help if you defined routines and responsibilities according to what you wish to accomplish.

It’s also possible to go for a “hybrid” remote team, with some resources working from offices. However, today’s digital solutions can take your entire work virtually, depending on what you’re doing.

That said, new ventures should consider not going completely virtual while starting. That’s because working 100% remotely can complicate several vital tasks during your start-up.


Come up with profiles for member recruitment

Diverse talents work better for various projects. The best way to guarantee your team’s success is to create profiles based on your tasks’ requirements. Please take a while to imagine the ideal team members, write down crucial qualities, and use that to find them.

The goal is to streamline the time it takes to complete your team. You don’t want to spend too much time on meetings. These requisites keep you safe from having a team with conflicting skill sets that don’t benefit your goals. It also saves considerable effort in training.

It would be best if you used specific criteria when hiring:

  • Working experience, particularly in the field of your project.
  • Different time zones and how they could disrupt real-time collaboration.
  • How much training new members could need to start operating.

It would also be better to look for people who understand their roles and perform them remotely. Remote work can be more stressful than traditional work if your team doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Finally, you should also hire a team leader or mentor. The idea behind them is to instill your company’s culture and values in your workers. However, let’s dive into the culture with a bit more depth.


Create a working culture that enables collaboration

One of the primary obstacles of working with remote teams is that employees feel disconnected from their teammates. This lack of communication also translates into your workers not feeling like part of your company’s “family.”

You need to provide the necessary communication channels for your employees to boost their morale. However, that’s not the end. You can organize entertaining and bonding activities to ensure your teams understand they’re not alone and can rely on others.

That includes helping them feel comfortable reaching out and communicating via the available channels. That’s because every team member needs to access all the communication features they need, preferably from a single platform.

With that in mind, you can do a couple of things to make this a reality.


Engage your workers

Holding periodic meetings with your team is a great start. You can use countless platforms, both free and paid, to set up meetings seamlessly. They enable basic features, like webcam and microphone support, and some even include small games to kill time while waiting.

These meetings can be critical for building your worker’s sense of belonging to a “family” since they can speak, see, and interact with each other. It lets them address important matters and understand they’re working in cooperation with other people.

You can also make the most out of these meetings and set aside a few minutes to celebrate personal and team accomplishments. If someone completed a task, found a good client, or received a good commission, the entire team should celebrate.

Embrace feedback for improving

Your team members aren’t merely employees. You must understand that you’re part of the team, which means understanding and cooperating with the rest to build a better company together.

There’s always room for improvement: processes, strategies, marketing, communication, and more. The best people for finding these issues are those who run into them every day. In other words, your team is ideal for shedding light on how your business can grow.

Enable all the channels they need to communicate these issues. Team leaders can also set aside special meetings only for addressing obstacles within the company’s functionality.

Listening to your team and letting them improve your company is a great way to let them know their work matters.


Focus on specific projects for success

Don’t make the mistake of believing that having a team means you can do everything at once. You need to set project priorities and specific goals. It allows you to complete one step at a time and boost productivity.

Setting deadlines is one of the best strategies for attracting success. You should tell your workers when you need them to be online, communicate, and deliver their assignments. Try to follow up on your team members’ performance to provide constructive criticism.

Mentors and team leaders also come into play, and tools like time trackers and alarms are excellent if your employees agree.


Final thoughts

Remote teams are a great advantage for any business, but that’s only true for those who can implement them properly. Ensuring communication is available and straightforward is vital if you want to fulfill your goals.

Please do everything you can to make your employees feel comfortable and willing to do their best. A few strategies, like periodic meetings and deadlines, can go a long way.

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