The Best Jobs in Canada’s Casino Industry

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Icy Canada TeamAugust 24, 2022
Updated 2023/09/10 at 6:37 AM
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If you’ve recently graduated or been let go by your employer, searching for a job can be scary. The rising recession risks in Canada have made companies in most sectors halt their hiring activities and reduce their workforce. 


While it looks dire overall, some industries are dealing with the current economic pressure better than others. The gambling sector is one of them, and casinos are still hiring.


Let’s look at the best jobs in Canada’s Casino Industry, where to find them, and the qualifications you need.


Card Dealer


Whether in Edmonton, Vancouver, or Toronto, casinos across Canada are hiring card dealers. It seems daunting, but the requirements to get the job are low to moderate.


Most casinos require you to have at least a high school diploma and a minimum of one year of card dealing experience. However, we’ve been told that candidates without such experience will still be considered if they’re willing to learn. Besides, you must be a good communicator, have a good working knowledge of all major card games, and be able to pass a math test. 


Your duties include conducting all games per the casino’s procedures, exchanging cash for chips, controlling the order of play, and engaging with the guests (players).


VIP Account Manager (Online)


If card dealing isn’t your thing, how about managing accounts of VIP players at an online casino?


Since the legalization of Ontario’s gambling market, big casino and sports betting brands like BetMGM are hiring for various positions, including VIP account managers. 


As a VIP manager, you’re responsible for keeping the casino’s biggest players happy and solving all their issues. These gamblers tend to use their casino login several times weekly and wage vast amounts of money. For that reason, operators have an interest in keeping them playing.


Your duties include weekly phone catch-ups with players and assisting the customer with deposits, withdrawals, and issues such as login troubles. You must also provide your accounts with additional bonuses and promotions to create an exciting gambling experience.


The requirements for VIP account managers are low, and most operators accept entry-level candidates. However, it is a plus if you have experience managing customer accounts.


Cage Cashier


If math and money is your thing, then you might be the perfect choice for a Cage Cashier.


In this position, you’re responsible for completing transactions from chips to cash and vice versa. You hold responsibility for the casino bank’s inventory and need to eradicate the risk from the assets by following all procedures.


Requirements for the job of Cage Cashier include a high school diploma, excellent mathematical skills, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to lift heavy. Why? Because you will be lifting heavy bags of cash!


All new recruitments are required to participate in Cage Cashier training at most casinos.


More Jobs Available


If none of the above sounds interesting to you, we should say that casinos hire for many more jobs. 


Other work placements include Slot Attendant, Player Host, Team Lead, Operations Supervisor, Table Games Dealer, Waiter, and other jobs in the hospitality sector.


If any of this sounds interesting, check out current positions at Indeed. The application is quick and free, and the response time of casinos is among the fastest of all company types.

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