The Best Travel Destinations That You’ll Love

The Best Travel Destinations That You'll Love 1

Most cities in Canada from Montreal to Quebec have been listed as best travel destinations, but this is the first time that Stratford is getting listed by Expedia. Stratford deserves to be shortlisted for it has just about everything to offer the lay traveler, from the Stratford Festival to the theater scene.

So, what are the Best Travel Destinations?

Apart from this is the fact that you can get to experience a unique medley of cuisine at the local restaurants here which offer mouth-watering dishes with a mix of French, American and Asian flavors.

  1. Stratford – the best travel destination?

Stratford is more widely known today for its annual Shakespeare festival, and in case you missed the sound bite, both the city and the river are named after this famous playwright. Each year, Stratford hosts the Shakespeare festival from April to November, so if you visit the city around this time, you should be able to enjoy watching some of the famous plays of Shakespeare being enacted by various amateur actors. The festival is open to all and anyone can take part in it. It is indeed a great experience to witness the festival at least once in your life.

The Stratford music scene makes it certainly a hip place to visit, and given the music, good food, and a great atmosphere, it is no wonder that Stratford is a popular destination to embark upon. While Canada has other beautiful locations and cities, Stratford stands out from the rest by bringing an eclectic flavor to the table, one that sets it apart from the rest.

If this is your first visit here, then you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. The great thing is that Stratford and all its facilities are reasonably priced which makes it worthwhile even for the thrifty traveler. Stratford also hosts various public events on its massive fairgrounds, so you are bound to remain engaged and smitten from Stratford from day one.

2. Nairobi – The Other Popular Destination

While you are bound to be surprised by this, the fact remains that Rough Guides, a UK based travel magazine has ranked Nairobi as the third most favored travel destination for 2017. You may have usually associated Nairobi with scam artists, cons and even the infamous “you have won the lottery” email that originated from here! But for the moment that all seem to be in the past, as Nairobi authorities have started tackling these issues head-on. More importantly, the government has started to open up more of its economy, making it one of the top performing economies in Africa today.

As a result, the government has started boosting up the local infrastructure, with more development projects being inked in the last three years than before. Travelers can now expect great travel deals when traveling to Nairobi, with reduced fares, rates and a great exchange rate.

While you are bound to think that traveling to Nairobi could be dangerous, that could not be further from the truth. As mentioned earlier, the authorities have become aware of how Nairobi has been getting a bad reputation and this, in turn, was hurting the tourism industry. But thanks to the efforts of a determined government and the resulting crackdown on various undesirables, the tourism industry here has started picking up.

The local government has already swung into action with a slew of deals and travel packages. But irrespective of whether you go for one of these travel packages or not, Nairobi is fast transforming itself into one of the premier destinations for all travelers, world over. While it remains to be seen how effective the Rough Guides ranking has on inbound travel to Nairobi, the number of travelers heading over to Nairobi has certainly increased of late. This destination may soon join the list of “Must Visit Places” on the globe thanks to the ranking and increased tourism efforts.

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