The Cost of Living in Canada: Canadian Colleges for Post Graduation

The Cost of Living in Canada: Canadian Colleges for Post Graduation 1

canadian colleges for post graduation

Canada as a Student Destination: Canadian colleges for post graduation

 Canadian colleges for post-graduation are a dream destination for students for further study. It is a beautiful nation and has top class universities like McGill University, which is globally recognized. In Canadian colleges for post-graduation, cost of living, travel and basic amenities depends on your lifestyle and the choices you make.


Most students go to Canada where they get to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Even though education costs are slightly higher, the kind of education you get at Canadian colleges for post graduation is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s a consolidated list of the cost of living in Canadian colleges for post-graduation

  1. Tuition fees range between $9,995 – $9,020 CAD for international students per year. Canadian colleges for post graduation  have sponsored funds for exceptionally well and talented students.
  2. House rent for a 1BHK costs  $900 – $1,200 CAD. Usually, three students stay in a 1BHK, reducing the cost to $300 – $400 CAD per person.
  3. Utilities at Canadian colleges for post graduation cost a little higher than anywhere else in the world. They cost anywhere between  $240 – $450 CAD depending on your standard of living.
  4. Warm clothes are a necessity in Canada. Some Canadian cities have winter eight out of 12 months. To lower the cost, you can carry most of your warm clothes from your home country. Eye on sales in Canadian stores for warm clothes. It will cost you $200 – $400 CAD on an average.
  5. One good scheme Canadian colleges for post graduation have is that bus transportation is sponsored by the universities. Some universities include it in the student fees. Canada has a strong network of buses, so you save a lot in that avenue.
  6. Internet and phone costs around $160 combined. You get every type of food in Canada. If you cook your own food, the grocery and food costs can go down to $150 a month. If you eat out frequently, it’ll cost you around $250.


So when you total it, the costs come to around $1,500 per month. It is affordable because you earn enough through your part-time work.

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