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The Launch of Delta Bingo in Canada

Ontario’s gambling market is expanding once again with the launch of Delta Bingo in the province. Delta iGaming inc. has debuted their digital bingo platform making Delta Bingo online the only iGaming platform in Ontario’s legal sector to provide peer-to-peer iBingo.

It is the first legal platform of its kind in Ontario and Ontarian’s are no doubt excited to start playing. They can now play online bingo for real money safely and legally online for the first time ever.

With help from Broadway Gaming, they offer exciting, themed slots and have also promised to commit to local charities. They have partnered with the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association to provide donations to non-profit organizations in the province.

Owner of Delta iGaming and vice chair of the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario Cam Johnstone said of the partnership “Charities across Ontario have struggled over the past few years with pandemic disruptions and other economic factors,”.

“This agreement ensures additional support for much-needed community organizations and initiatives and helps bring stability and certainty to the charitable gaming sector.”

Their efforts have been incredibly fruitful in the short amount of time they have been operating as well. Delta Bingo & Gaming have donated over $1 million to more than 150 local charitable organizations over the last four months.

Funds are used for education, food programs, arts and culture, youth sports, healthcare and other community-driven programs and services.

“We could not have the same impact in the lives of children and their families without the support of Delta Bingo & Gaming Sudbury,” Our Children, Our Future, a local children’s charity, said in a release.

They are using Broadway Gaming’s state-of-the-art Dragonfish Software to aid the launch and running of Delta Bingo. Bettors can wager online against real people and even play for guaranteed prizes.

“We’re pleased to partner with Delta Bingo to support its official website launch within Ontario using our Broadway Gaming Dragonfish software.” Said Broadway gaming CEO David Butler.

He added “Our technology, certification and professional services empower Delta with the technology and skills to bring a strong selection of iBingo and other engaging online games to the Ontario market.”

This is not Delta’s first foray into the province however with them having 18 land-based locations already. With such a strong foothold in Ontario already, they know exactly what to offer their playerbase and are the ideal candidates for the first peer-to-peer iBingo service.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without changes to gambling laws in Canada.

On April 4 2022, Ontario became the first Canadian province to launch a legal and regulated gambling market. Ontario was the first Canadian province to launch a legal, regulated market on April 4, 2022.

On that date, online gambling and sport and event betting operators that would complete AGCO’s registration process signed operating agreement with iGaming Ontario and began offering their regulated games and betting platforms to Ontarians.

Fast forward a year and there are now over 1.6 million active accounts registered with gambling websites. These websites are operated by over 40 operators that are associated with iGaming Ontario.

To say it has been a roaring success would perhaps be an understatement. There have been over $35 billion made in wagers by players with total gaming revenue totalling over $1.4 billion.

The move has been incredible for Ontario’s economy and has been met positively by most all involved.

“Ontario’s igaming market has displaced the pre-existing unregulated market and made Ontario a recognized leader internationally in this industry since its launch in April 2022,” said Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey in the release. “We are truly proud of this strong, responsible, competitive online gaming model.”

These law changes and the success of Ontario’s gambling model means we may even see a further opening up of the laws. With more and more providers entering the market it seems logical for lawmakers to take advantage of this.

Delta Bingo may have just changed the landscape of the industry with their launch. Being the first of their kind in the province, it is likely many other providers will take notice.

It is only going to get more competitive from here on out which is great for both gamblers and providers. Competition breeds innovation and to stay on top of any potential rivals we are likely to see Delta iGaming get even better.

With tonnes of top-tier slots and real-time bingo games, there is something for everyone at Delta Bingo and this could only be the start.

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