The most popular casino movies in Canada

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Icy Canada TeamMarch 15, 2022
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How people choose to entertain themselves depends on many factors and natural conditions. It may be sports activities, horror movies, mountaineering, camping, hiking, fishing or just relaxing at home. It also depends on what kind of weather is available in the country you are living in. For example, if you are living in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, the weather is pleasant and people can enjoy themselves by going to the beach to soak the sun, going on boat trips to fish, exploring the seabed or practicing water polo.

People living in Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and other regions of the world where the climatic conditions are cold, especially during the winter period, prefer to go skiing whether it is cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding or speed skating. Others simply enjoy gambling at the new Canadian online casinos. Indulging in gambling is quite an enjoyable form of entertainment.

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Variety is the spice of life and this applies perfectly to the preference and choices people make to entertain themselves. In Canada, the winter months are long, wet, and cold. This kind of weather does not allow Canadians many opportunities to venture outside to enjoy open-air activities. It seems that the only option available for Canadians to relax, free from the coldness of the damp and gloomy weather, is to stay at home, watch movies, play board games or indulge in online gaming.

Due to the rapid advances and development in technology, it seems that people around the world, including Canadians, are spending more time at home even during the summer months when the weather is better and brighter and makes it appropriate and possible to enjoy the outdoor life.

Staying at home watching a movie or watching a television series has its advantages. It can bring families and friends together in a relaxing and safe environment. Cooking and eating popcorn can be a useful tool to help bond family members and friends and cultivate an understanding situation.

Apparently, Canadians prefer indoor activities with a blend of action and passion. Online gambling is rising in popularity in Canada. The hard winter days together with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns have prompted many Canadians to go into online gambling as a means of relaxation from the safety and comfort of their own home.

Watching a Canadian gambling movie can be a brilliant way Canadians entertain themselves and a catalyst to provide the right motivation to gamble online.

One of the economic pillars of the Canadian economy is filmmaking. Canada has a long history of making films on various subjects and topics including gambling movies. The following are a few of the most popular casino movies in Canada:

  1.   “The Last Casino” is about a math teacher who is banned from attending casinos in Ontario and Quebec. He is riddled with debt and is trying to find a way to settle his bills. Aimed at trying to overcome his debt problem, the teacher recruits three of his students and teaches them the art and skill of card-counting hoping that they master the trade well enough to take his place at the gambling tables and win enough money to cover his debts.
  2. “21” is also about a professor and a group of students teaming up together to invest one thousand dollars in gambling. Their skills and teamwork give them the opportunity to amass and earn three-five thousand dollars by counting cards at blackjack. Good to know that the movie is based on a true story of a math teacher, showing the ropes at the Blackjack table. This movie starred Kevin Spacey and is deemed one of the greatest Blackjack movies of all time.
  3. “Lucky Girl/ My Daughter’s Secret Life” is one and the same movie under a different title. The story of the movie centers on a female teenager obsessed with gambling whilst still at school. Her initial beginner’s luck soon turns sour and she is soon full of debt. The situation puts additional burdens and challenges on the girl’s life as she tries to navigate her way to face her difficulties. This movie sends a strong message to young and mature people eager to gamble. It teaches a lesson that spending more than one can afford is not the objective of the gambling world. Gambling is there to enjoy yourself and the games you are playing but within the limits of your financial situation. One needs to take care of his/herself and not allow the wave of excitement to take over and possibly ruin your life. A learning movie that is highly recommended to watch and to evaluate every scene of the script.
  4. “Cold Deck” was released in 2015 but it is still a very popular movie in Canada and worldwide.  The story concerns a compulsive gambler who after a long losing spree amasses a huge gambling debt. To overcome his predicament, the gambler accepts an offer made by an underworld criminal to rob a high-stakes poker game hosted by a very wealthy banker. The gambler needs to successfully pull off the heist in order to settle his debts.
  5. “Owning Mahowny” is ranked as one of the best top ten movies in the gambling industry.  It is based on true events and depicts the story of a bank clerk who stole more than ten million dollars from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The primary objective of stealing the money was for the bank clerk to fuel his controllable gambling habit. Again, this movie provides a clear message to all gamblers and should be attentively evaluated to learn from the specter of gambling without limits leading to insurmountable situations.

These are a few gambling movies made and popular in Canada. Movies that send a strong social message to gamblers to control their endless urge and need to gamble beyond the limit of their financial resources. They stress the need to have a gambling plan and stick to the plan in order to enjoy one’s free time to the maximum without putting any financial burden that can severely hamper one’s individual life plus his/her family life. They also warn gamblers to stay away from any criminal activity which at first sight may provide a quick fix for their financial troubles.

Movies focusing on gambling activities are a strong medium to reach out and transmit a message of carefulness to gamblers. However, it is important that self-restraint is practiced to ensure that the limits and boundaries are fully respected and everyone can safely enjoy what technology has to offer to gamers and gamblers alike.


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