The Most Popular Home Renovations in Canada, According to Experts

The Most Popular Home Renovations in Canada, According to Experts 1

It’s that magical time of year here in Canada. After a gruelling winter, the warm sun has reappeared. The trees lining each city block are full of bright, brilliant foliage. And Canadians have emerged from their homes to enjoy the convivial atmosphere. 

Oh, and the homeowners are undertaking renovations – lots of renovations. While the global pandemic disrupted many typical Canadian pastimes, it doesn’t appear to have had much of an impact on home renovations. 80% of respondents in a recent poll said they have been – or are willing to – complete renovations during the pandemic. 

What exactly are those renovations? This article has collated several sources to offer a big-picture analysis of Canada’s most popular home renovations these days. Use this list to decide your own reno projects, or to gather inspiration for a future idea. 

The Most Popular Home Renovations in Canada, According to Experts 2

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Window and Door Upgrades

According to the HGTV home experts, window and door upgrades are the most popular renovation in Canada. It makes sense. Canadian winters can be brutally cold. Old, inefficient or damaged windows and doors allow frigid air into a house, raising monthly energy bills and limiting comfort. Replacing your windows and doors can help keep your home cozy and monthly payments down. 

To keep your renovations Canadian, consult an expert window company in London On that designs, manufactures and installs all their products. 

Kitchen Remodels

According to Statista, a leading business data aggregator, the most popular interior remodelling project in Canada is the kitchen. Other, less formal websites support Statista’s findings.

Along with guest bathrooms, homeowners often view the kitchen as their “public-facing” statement. Guests rarely visit the master bedroom or basement, but they will certainly see the kitchen. Therefore, making a positive impression is essential. Among kitchen remodel projects, the most popular seems to be countertop replacement. 

Bathroom Renovations 

If country-wide Google Searches are anything to go by, bathroom renovations are a leading renovation project in Canada. That tidbit of research comes courtesy of Zolo, a real estate trend watcher in Canada. According to Zolo, bathroom projects trail countertop replacements by a hair. 

Along with replacing windows and doors, bathroom renovations are an excellent opportunity to improve efficiency. Many homeowners replace their standard appliances with low-flow alternatives, like showerheads and faucets. 

Deck Projects

Deck construction leads the charge in Quebec and New Brunswick, TrustedPros reported a few years ago. It’s difficult to tell whether those trends have changed in the intervening years, but one thing is for certain: deck projects of all kinds remain a popular renovation choice in Canada.  

Speaking with Homestars, a leading Calgary renovator said that he has seen a surge in requests this past year for “Arizona Rooms” – enclosing one’s deck with energy-efficient windows to create a year-round, semi-outdoor space. Whether that trend was primarily motivated by the pandemic remains to be seen. 

Other popular renovation projects include re-roofing, re-flooring and basement finishing. Ultimately, your choice of renovation will depend on what you value most – and what most needs replacing in your home. But it’s always nice to know what fellow Canadians are up to!

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