The Top Casino Destinations in Canada

The Top Casino Destinations in Canada 1

Gambling across Canada has long been a popular pastime and contributes to a significant proportion of the economy. According to statistics, the Canadian online gambling industry is worth $31 billion per year, while land-based activity amounts to $14 billion. While Canada is fairly progressive in terms of their gambling laws, the country is also renowned for leaving a lot of grey areas when determining what is and isn’t legal.

In order to meet provincial and national law in Canada, both land-based and online casinos must be registered with the province they reside in. However, there are a number of online offshore casinos that provide services to Canadian residents. The law does not currently state that residents cannot gamble with offshore providers, leaving the technicalities of what is and isn’t allowed open to interpretation.

Despite the confusing laws around gambling, Canada is home to a number of renowned cosmopolitan cities that attract a large number of tourists each year. With attractions like the Northern Lights, Niagara Falls and the huge amount of wilderness on offer, Canada is a number one vacation destination. However, it’s also known for its impressive casinos. 

Top Destination 1 – Ontario

Lying on the border of the US and Canada, and home to the great lakes, Ontario is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. Home to the cities of Toronto and Ottawa; Canada’s capital city, these cities provide a cosmopolitan break, surrounded by vast wilderness and endless forests.

Casino Niagara 

In terms of casino’s, one of the most famous is Casino Niagara. Established as a land casino in 1996, Casino Niagara sits on the very edge of the falls, with stunning views across the water. It’s also home to four renowned restaurants, making visits to the casino a fantastic day or evening out. 

As for games, Casino Niagara has over thirteen thousand slot machines, 30 gambling tables, a multipurpose sports section, and a dedicated poker room that attracts the attention of many professional players. 

The Niagara Falls are a popular tourist attraction, so there is no wonder a popular casino resort has been placed nearby.

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, Ontario

Named by Casino Player Magazine as the biggest casino in Canada for 16 years in a row, Caesars Hotel and Casino is certainly on the map. The casino is home to an entire sports park, a huge variety of slots and the latest games. What’s most notable though is the outstanding poker room that has 14 tables.

The casino is located in Windsor, Ontario and is the perfect destination for a long weekend or a weeklong getaway to recharge your batteries. It’s in a prime location for city exploring and only a stone’s throw away from the airport for convenience. What’s more, if you’re lucky, you might also get a room with fantastic views of the Detroit River and Belle Isle. 

Top Destination 2 – Quebec

As the French speaking province of Canada, Quebec is home to a number of world class cities, including Montreal, Quebec City and Mont-Tremblant. 

Casino de Montreal 

Casino de Montreal is one of the most popular casinos inside Quebec and is located on the banks of Notre Dame. The venue gets a staggering 18000 visits a day from tourists and locals alike and has a total of 4 grand casinos. These casinos host over 100 gaming tables, as well as a popular gourmet restaurant. 

Casino du Lac-Leamy at Hilton Lac-Leamy

This casino is located within Gatineau and is over 300,000 square feet, making it one of the largest casinos in Quebec. It has over 1,800 slot machines, 60 game tables and a dedicated poker room. Not to mention, there’s a total of five renowned restaurants inside the hotel and casino. 

Online gambling popularity across Canada 

Canada is ranked as number 8 in the world in terms of popularity of online gambling, in which 19.3 million Canadians actively gamble online. In order to capitalise on the popularity of the gambling sector, Canada has commissioned online casinos in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

As mentioned above, Canada has relatively grey laws when it comes to online gambling in Canada. However as offshore casinos have become more and more popular with residents, the Canadian authorities are beginning to loosen these laws gradually.

Online gambling and new technology

The development of new technology and being able to effectively implement it has become paramount to the success of the online casino industry. Users now expect great graphics, an interactive user experience and fast loading speeds when they engage with a website.

Technology developments has helped contribute to the growth and success of the online gambling industry.

Advancements in technology has been one of the key success factors for live casino Canada who are able to implement technology to vary their game offering to players. Live casino games are now blending the real and digital world, providing human interaction while at the same time, providing the convenience of being able to play from anywhere and at any time. 

Overall, while there is still a lot of potential for growth in terms of online casinos in Canada, physical casinos are still incredibly popular and continue to provide a great source of revenue for the economy. 

As laws become more flexible, there’s no telling how big the growth of the online sector could be across Canada, but it seems promising. 

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