12 Top Tips in Sports Betting that’ll Help You Win

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Icy Canada TeamJune 5, 2022
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Sports betting is a popular form of betting. In fact, the global sports betting industry is worth over $218 billion today. Online sports betting Canada has become more popular since the pandemic. If you are looking to make some good money from it, you need to read the following 12 top tips in sports betting. 

Isn’t life a game of chance? Each day, we either gamble it safely or suffer the consequences. While safety is sometimes important, few people have reached astronomical levels without risk.

The best approach to reaping payoffs is to be aware of the risks as well as to strike when the odds are in your favour. Sports betting has existed for a long time. It wasn’t until recently that it gained popularity on the world wide web. This enables more individuals to participate in sports gambling.

Sports betting is a popular form of betting. Online sports betting in Canada has become more popular since the pandemic. In fact, the global sports betting industry is worth over $218 billion today.

The average sports bettor loses money because the gambler, or the entity who accepts bets, ends up taking “juice” on each play. Juice, also known as a rake, is the percentage that the bookmaker requires on each gamble. Generally, this estimate falls around 5% and 10%. There is a method for overcoming this and making money over time. However, it would be best if you are disciplined and patient and have an advantage.

Legal “land-based” enterprises generate 39% of income. In 2019, the sports betting industry in Canada earned $242 million. It isn’t that online sports betting is controversial in Canada; rather, the majority of online firms (57%) are unregulated. Only 3% of sports betting in the country is done through regulated online bookmakers.

The sports betting industry of Canada, with the utmost optimistic reports, states that the sports betting sector will grow to estimated revenue of $1.5 billion within the coming year, 2023.

If you are looking to make some good money from it, you need to read the following top tips.

1. Be disciplined

It would be of great help if you were disciplined as a gambler. If you want to go far in sports betting, discipline should be cultivated as a habit.

Discipline helps to tame your impulses and your desires. Nothing is worse than inordinate desires and unchecked impulses to make you lose money as fast as a gambler. Have you ever heard of the golden rule of gambling? It would be best to bet what you can afford to lose – and not more. Never let your self-assurance become too substantial.

This means you must keep your head cool even when things don’t seem to be going your way. You end up losing more money this way. Never bet on a game that you cannot afford to lose. If you lose all your money on a single game, then you will not be able to continue betting on sports. However, this strategy, called the Martingale System, does not work unless you have some Lady Luck with you.

Learning to make small bets to keep tabs on your growth would be best. Moreover, one should exercise patience even when things are bad. Before placing any bets, you first need to understand the odds, which are the chances of something happening. You have to shortlist which team has better odds and if placing a bet would be worth it.

2. Offers made by bookies are advantageous

The betting industry is growing. Many betting companies are becoming competitive by trying to give better offers than others. For instance, it is typical for betting sites to provide you with a bonus once you sign up.

You can take advantage of signing up with different bookies. Moreover, you should look out for promotions because they are likely to enhance the odds of certain sports events.

The betting industry is growing fast. Most betting companies are becoming competitive and are coming up with better offers than others. For instance, it is typical for most betting sites to come up with a bonus amount once you sign up.

It’s advantageous for you to sign up with different bookies. Moreover, it would help if you looked out for promotions because they would likely enhance the odds of many sports events. Starting your betting journey with multiple wagers at once is never a good option.

Instead, it’s best to bet on a single wager every time. You may not be able to make a large amount of money, but then the odds won’t be too stacked against you because you would have limited your exposure.

3. Sign up with different bookies

There are a lot of bookmakers around, so why should you restrict yourself to only one? If you want to earn some more winning, then loyalty to one bookmarker should be the last thing on your mind.

Different bookmakers may offer different odds on the same sports event. Do not be shy from shopping around to check for better bet value. If you are aware of the trends, you will likely get the maximum odds that can earn you good winnings.


Why should individuals limit themselves to just one bookie when numerous are available? Loyalty to one bookmarker should be the last thing on your mind if you want to earn more winnings.

Bookmakers offer different odds on the same sports event at the same time. Do not be shy about shopping around to check for better betting value. If you are aware of the trends, you will likely get the maximum odds to earn you good winnings.

Remember that online bookmakers are equally eager to have you play through them as much as you want to bet on sports. As a result, most leading bookies will have promotions that include doubling your initial deposit, free bets, and no deposit bets to get you started. Even before you start betting, these are all excellent options that put you on top monetarily.

4. Research

One thing that separates professional sports punters from amateurs is research. Therefore, to make the right decisions in betting, you need to research and acquire some specialist knowledge that will help. You must use all the available resources to beat the bookmarker before placing a bet wisely.

Never, ever bet on a game, team, or sport about which you have no knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you’re betting on a football, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, basketball, or golf game; doing thorough research is always helpful before placing bets.

Try finding out everything you can about the teams, players, coaches, rules, bogey teams, cup run histories, home and away teams, and anything else that could help you. Once you’ve collected all these stats and information, you can start building your prediction of how the game will go and use it to make informed and precise decisions.

5. Start with Small Bets

Learning how to outsmart bookmakers takes time. After all, of course, some bookmakers master winning tactics more quickly than others, whereas even the most experienced sports bettors have a real challenge.

Do not, however, make the error of wagering too much every game while first learning how and where to win because you are only given a finite amount of money that you can spend to wager on sports. Select your bankroll size before you begin placing sports bets. Don’t utilize this for anything except sports betting; put it aside.

When you understand how to enhance your performance, divide this sum by 100, then place bets that are no larger than this sum. You’ll be nervous, but they won’t cost you much money if you use a tiny portion of your bankroll.

Additionally, this tactic guarantees you can place many wagers before your bankroll runs out. The greater your chance of developing a successful method, the lengthier you can play.

6. Focus on a small area.

The majority of new gamblers start by wagering on their preferred teams and major events like the Super Bowl or NCAA basketball championship.

You have a greater chance of identifying winners whenever you concentrate on one thing rather than placing bets on anything. Start by concentrating on one sport rather than the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA games. You have the chance to develop a knowledge foundation that aids in your ability to make winning predictions by concentrating on one particular tiny area.

Learning everything you can about the players and teams you bet on to be a successful sports bettor would be best. You can start turning a profit consistently once you can capture and analyze greater data than the ones who are determining the lines. Specializing is the best way to get started.

I realize that one of the main reasons people gamble on sports is to make the events more exciting. Still, you should consider whether you’re prepared to pay for that increased interest by placing losing betting or whether you’d want to increase your probability of winning.

7. Understand the Sports Betting Profit Model.

You must comprehend how sportsbooks generate revenue in order to select the finest wagering choices. After comprehending how they create money, you can utilize this knowledge to aid you in your search for profit. They guarantee a gain if they wager on both sides of a game.

The sportsbook receives both, the money you feared losing and the additional cost you will have to risk if you lose. The ideal scenario for a casino would be for each side and every match to have an equal amount of money gambled on it. This is challenging to achieve in the real world, but if they draw clear lines, it will eventually average out.

Additionally, it implies that the bookmakers set their odds in an effort to generate an equal level of betting activity on both sides of each game. The lines are not determined based on the results result. Even if these two elements frequently coincide, it still presents a possibility for a skilled sports bettor to locate successful lines.

You can contrast your forecasts with the existing lines when you can successfully estimate the winning score propagation of games. The sportsbook’s odds occasionally deviate from your estimate since the book is much more concerned with generating comparable action than it is with predicting ultimate scores, even though these two components are frequently close.

8. Learn the Key Positions by Sport

In various sports, several positions are much more crucial than others. When you know which positions are more crucial, you may devote more effort to analyzing players in all those areas, increasing your odds of success.

The outfielders for every team comprise the most crucial role in baseball. This has always been the case in baseball; however, more recently, the bullpen has become more significant, and frontline pitchers have indeed been pitching fewer innings.

There are just nine innings inside a game, excluding extra inning play. Following five innings, most managers swiftly switch out their pitching prospects.

A pitcher encounters the batting line-up typically twice in five innings played, and on aggregate, the more frequently the batting line-up is faced, the worse his outcomes. Each season, it becomes more and more uncommon to see a pitcher go further than six sessions.

The defensive backfield is the most crucial one in football. The quarterback has the highest level of significance of any position. Positioning does not significantly factor into basketball gambling, making it among the few games.

For the vast majority, the NBA and the NCAA are star-driven leagues. No difference in where they participate. The top players are those that contribute the most to scoring.

Because the star players, regardless of rank, tend to dominate the games, hockey and soccer are similar to the NBA in this sense.

To appropriately handicap sports competitions, you must still consider every post and player on each team, but you ought to normally begin with the crucial positions.


9. Bigger Games Have Tighter Lines

You learned how bookies generate revenue in the sports betting profit model article. They will engage in as much activity as possible if they get nearly equal movement on both ends of a game. However, they rarely see an equal level of action on both ends of a match.

They run the threat of losing revenue on a game if gamblers can’t get equitable action. The most well-liked games generate the greatest betting activity; thus, sportsbooks may lose money if their line is incorrect.

Keep in mind that the bookmaker wants to generate a line that attracts action on both sides, not forecast the ultimate result. The books take up a lot of space for the biggest matches, like the Super Bowl, and it takes more effort and time to create the optimal lines. As a result, queues are typically shorter for popular games than for less well-known ones.


10. Have realistic expectations.

Put a kibosh on every plan you may have previously made to quit your ordinary job since you believe sports betting will be your big break. We’re sorry to explain it to you, but your odds of making a living off sports gambling are slim.

This doesn’t suggest that you cannot make money, but it won’t be easy to earn enough out of betting to support yourself. There are some professional sports gamblers who do rely on gambling for their livelihood. There aren’t many of them, though; even the ones still get lost rather frequently. 40% to 45% of the time, the most successful sports gamblers still fail their wagers. It would be best if you got off to the correct expectations.

Sports gambling can be entertaining and lucrative. But in order to succeed, you must develop into a savvy and responsible sports bettor. You’re getting off to a good start by reading our best recommendations list, yet this is only the beginning.

For the duration of your sports gambling journeys, you’ll need to maintain your expectations in check.

11. Keep Records

Establishing a system for keeping track of your wagers is yet another fantastic suggestion for novice gamblers. You’ll get into far better condition than most other sports bettors if you manage to put it into operation from the beginning of your gambling career.

You’ll gain from keeping records in several different ways. It will first enable you to keep tabs on your budget. Let’s imagine that you start out with $100 and go on to win a few bets. You may not be aware that your gambling bankroll has grown if you don’t keep accurate records.

Additionally, records allow you to see your betting patterns over time. This is fantastic, especially if you have been experimenting with various betting methods. Using your collected data, you may assess how this has proven to work for you and what hasn’t. You can then utilize this information to guide your future betting decisions.


12. Develop a Bankroll Management Plan.

A bankroll management strategy is essential because it enables you to determine the precise amount of money you should stake for each wager.

If you’re starting out in sports gambling, you might find this concept strange. Many of the employees at this company started placing sports bets despite possessing any of these plans. We used to choose a number at random and wager on it.

People frequently risk their complete bankroll on a single gamble, which is not the ideal course of action since if you fail the bet, your complete bankroll will be gone in one fell swoop. Although bankroll management strategies can vary from one another, they all have the same fundamental principles.

By estimating the proportion of your bankroll that money utilized on a wager, the strategy aims to assist you in stretching your bankroll as far as feasible. You’ll simply stake a percentage of your bankroll on every wager rather than putting it all on the line at once.



Your best betting strategies: You might gamble to win money rather than merely for fun. By being well-informed and aware of the winning strategies, you can guarantee that you will earn more bets than you end up losing. Constantly keep an eye out for new opportunities to put your bets and succeed. Using a larger portion of your bankroll to wager on more games keeps you active for longer and makes it easier to monitor your progress.

Focus on one thing, look for lines, educate yourself on prejudice, and give up gambling on your favourite sports teams.

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