The Trump Affect: Trump Presidency Results

The Trump Affect: Trump Presidency Results 1

How the Trump Presidency Results May Affect India

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The new American president Donald Trump is an unknown quality, as he has no background in politics and has been to change his opinion frequently. In common with every other country on the planet, India will have been wondering what the new Trump presidency means for India. On the basis of things that he has said in interviews or in his pre-election promises, these are the issues that we think will most affect India.

  • Immigration in new trump presidency results

Trump presidency results could have been due to his views on immigration. He has already said that he wants to reduce immigration to America, particularly if the immigrants come from a country that has links to terrorism and he has talked about having a complete ban on Muslim immigrants. Trump presidency results have also depended on the H1-B visa which adversely affects US job seekers, as Indian workers on a lower wage will be hired over native workers. If he scraps the visa then that would have severe ramifications for the Indian IT industry. Conversely, though Trump presidency results have spoken out about the importance of being able to hire highly skilled workers, so the H1-B visa may be kept in a bid to avoid a skills gap in tech jobs.

  • Terrorism

Trump has in the past praised India as being the buffer for controlling any terrorist impulses that Pakistan may have had, as he appears to have an unfavorable impression of India’s neighbor. This means that Trump will be liable to want to keep on good terms with India and may see the relationship between India and the USA as a strategic relationship.

  • The relationship between India and the US

Trump has visited India in the past and has expressed his support for the government of Prime Minister Modi, and vowed that he would like to develop a friendship with India once he came.

trump presidency results

So trump presidency results came and now it is a case of waiting to see what will happen, a government headed by Donald Trump may want to forge a great relationship with India.

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