Theresa May Vows To Protect Interests Of Brexit In UK Parliament

Theresa May Vows To Protect Interests Of Brexit In UK Parliament

In a new year message, UK Prime Minister Theresa May vows to protect interests of Brexit in UK Parliament. She has assured the voters of Britain that she will fight for their interests in Europe’s negotiating table and urged them to stay in the European Union.

In a video which is released from the Downing Street’s stateroom, Theresa May vows to protect interests of Brexit in UK Parliament and has acknowledged that June’s referendum has been isolated and she promised to offer her support for those who have voted for the losing side. Claims have also been going on that the government has been on track for “hard Brexit”, and it has been admitted that the UK is out of the customs union as well out of the single market. In her message, Theresa May vows to protect interests of Brexit in UK Parliament and insists that she will seek such a relationship with the European Union which will cater to the needs of everyone and no one will feel left out.

According to May, it is everyone that wants to see a stronger Britain; and a country that is fair to all caste and religion of people. In her words, she said that everyone wants a nation which protects the people along with ensuring safety for the children and the grandchildren and the future generation. It is these ambitions which should unite the people and not by the votes of the winning and the losing side. The union of citizens should be such that when she negotiates in the EU, she will do so with the knowledge that she is there representing every single person in the country.

It is only by March’s end that she will trigger the article 50 which will launch the formal exit negotiations with the other twenty-seven members of the European Union.
But the thing is that the shape of the future relationship of Britain with the European Union is something to ponder about, and May has refused any further comments, describing it only as a “running commentary.” This has, however, lead to many pressing concerns among the political world about how negotiations will be concluded in just two years time.

But in the recent days, it has been found out that the campaign group, going by the name of ‘Leave Means Leave’ has demanded a clean and a swift exit. The government would be required to seek a transitional deal and which in the short term, would require the UK to abide by the various rules and regulations and answerable to the European Court of Justice. Point to be noted is that it will also reduce the scope of striking trade deals outside of Europe.

May has also said in her concluding message that her government would prioritize the interests of all, no matter where the votes came from; be it winning or losing side. It needs to be noted that David Cameron, in his message from last year has promised to fix those annoying things about the relationship with the EU concerning the British people.

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