5 Things You Should Be Aware of Before Studying in Canada


Adjusting in Canada is very easy because of its people. You will find so many different communities living together in peace and happiness. From beautiful snow-capped mountains to chilly beaches and candies, Canada is a dream destination for every student. There are high employment opportunities as well, which attracts a lot of students to Canada.


Studying in Canada: How is it Different?

Do you want to study abroad, but your parents and other family members are stopping you from doing so? Going out of your country to study in Canada is a big decision. You can’t say that it is always the right decision, but it can be better. Studying in your home country isn’t bad, but with growing unemployment, it isn’t an easy choice to make.

Here are four points of comparison between studying in a country like India and studying in Canada.

1. Living your dream

If you want to study in Canada, it is no more a distant dream. With the help of bank loans, you can do that very easily. Many people consider a loan a burden and avoid taking it, but that’s better than not having enough cash in your account. You get the opportunity to study at the best universities in the world. And if you truly deserve it, you need to proceed towards the chance.

2. Scholarships and bursaries

There are many university and government scholarships every country enlists. They are either given on merit-basis, socioeconomic status, and country. You either qualify for it directly or have to provide an examination for it. Never doubt your capability. Go for it and give your best try. These things aren’t quite available in India.

3. Career

In India, the career doesn’t start and becomes glamorous until at least five years. You struggle and spend half of your day on the train getting squished by people until that time. In a foreign country, you are selected only if you are truly deserving. Your career kicks off at just that very moment. All worries about finances are washed away.

4. Research opportunities

Even though research is compulsory for master’s students in India, it isn’t quite at a good level like in foreign countries. The equipment isn’t up-to-date, and sometimes the professors aren’t available to help. Research is a big thing in foreign countries, and the exposure you get is valuable too.

The Top Things You Need to Know Before You Start Studying in Canada

Here are a few things you should know before studying in Canada:

1. Understand the official languages

English and French are the two official languages of Canada. You aren’t expected to know to speak French, but don’t be confused when there’s anything written in French. Since French is the official chance, it is a great chance to learn the language. Take summer classes if you love learning new languages.

2. Cold, cold weather

Canada is just south of the Arctic circle and lies in the frigid zone. Be prepared for the endless months of cold weather. Always buy winter clothes in Canada only because they are designed according to the weather and reasonably priced. Invest in a pair of waterproof boots.

3. Open a bank account

It is the most sensible thing to do. Banks keep your money safe and are very convenient while paying bills. Ask your seniors which banks are ideal for students and open a bank account within a week of reaching the country.

4. Plan for long weekends

Given that you are studying in a foreign country, it is obvious that you will travel. Canada is a huge country, and the distances between the two locations are too much. Short trips aren’t ideal. Always travel in a group so that you are safe at all times.

5. Tim Hortons will become your best friend

Tim Hortons is a fast-food restaurant chain that you will find in every nook and corner of Canada. They made fresh coffee and have the entire available all day long. It is very affordable as well!

Studying in Canada does have its fair share of excitement. Are you ready for the adventure yet?

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