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Icy Canada TeamMarch 15, 2022
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Canada has always had a long-lasting and rich relationship with sports and sporting events. As many people settled and emigrated to Canada from across the globe, the year 1700 saw the birth of sports across Canada, and many people found ways to come together and connect, and what better way to do that than indulge in a sport or a sporting event. The 2 major sports that Canadians love to indulge in, and that is lacrosse and ice hockey, however, this does not mean that they are the country’s only sports. Other sports include basketball, golf, soccer, equestrian, and more.

Keeping in mind that Canada is a big country, it does have many major leagues, however, the country also shares many tournaments and leagues with its neighboring country, the United States of America. Today we take a look at some of the biggest sporting events happening in Canada for 2022. The ones that the top bookmakers Canada offers have the best odds for.


National Hockey League (NHL)

We did mention that hockey is one of the most celebrated sports in Canada, especially Ice Hockey since the country does get its fair share of cold, ice, and snow. This is how the NHL rose in popularity in Canada. For this season and year, the National Hockey League has held around 95 games between the 7th and the 22nd of February 2022, with 32 teams also playing the remainder of the games (82 to be precise) during April. Some of the most notable teams that grace the NHL and take part in the league every season include Edmonton, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, the Winnipeg Jets, and much more.

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Canadian Football League (CFL)

You might think that Europeans love football, but across the pond in Canada, Canadians love a good old football game, and bet on it. Just like Spain have La Liga, the United Kingdom has the Premier League, Germany have the Bundesliga, Italy have the Serie A, and Canada, have the CFL (Canadian Football League) Although the sports is not followed as much as hockey is, still many football fans make it to the football pitch and many times place bets prior to that.

If you happen to be in Canada between the 9th of June and the 29th of October 2022, you might want to go check out any of the games and teams that are scheduled to take the football pitch and battle for a win.  In total, the CFL will have 18 games played on a weekly basis for a total of 21 weeks. With so many games and so many betting possibilities, we suggest that you find the best Bookmakers in Canada to give you the best edge on your wagers.


Niagara Summer Games 2022

Every 2 years, Canadians unite to celebrate sport in a big way, and this is thanks to the Niagara Games. The event is like a small Olympics game where athletes from across the country compete to be crowned the best of Canada in their chosen sporting event. Happening between the 6th and the 21st of August 2022, sporting events that the Niagara Games 2022 will host include Athletics, Basketball, Baseball, Beach Volley, Box Lacrosse, Canoe Kayaking, Cycling, Diving, Golf, Mountain Bike, Rowing, Rugby Sevens, Sailing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

During this year’s event, the Niagara Games 2022 are expected to attract around 5,000 people, this includes athletes hoping to make it big along with their coaching teams.  This year’s event seems to be catching ample hype, since this is the 28th edition of the Summer Games, and also the 3rd time that the event is held in the Ontario district.  The last time Ontario held the Summer Games was a whopping 21 years ago, hence this year is set to be big in terms of people visiting and people placing bets at the favorite Canadian bookmaker.


Canadian Track and Field Championships

When we think about track and field, we think about Jamaica’s Marlene Ottey or Usain Bolt, maybe Tyson Gay or Fred Kerley from the USA. Yet, the Canadians also love their track and field, with athletics being one of the top sports practiced and trained at universities across the country.  Of course, Championships happen across the globe in readiness for international competitions, and this year, the Canadian Track and Field Championships will take place between the 22nd and the 26th of June 2022. During the championships, athletes will compete in a series of track and field events that include running, Marathons, Javelin, Hurdles, Relays, Jumps, and more. Events happening include Senior Athletes, Under 20, Para Athletics, and also combined events. The Canadian Track and Field Championships for 2022 will be hosted in the Township of Langley, British Columbia.


2022 Canadian Ski Cross Country Ski Championship

As much as Europeans love sea and watersports, Canadians cherish snow and snow-based sporting events. For all the lovers of snow sports and skiing, Canada will be hosting the 2022 Canadian Ski Cross Country Championships. Happening at the Whistler Olympic Park, the event takes place between the 20th and the 27th of March 2022 and is set to attract some of the country’s ranked Canadian athletes. During the week-long competition, athletes will go head to head in cross country skiing events, and the top-ranked athletes will walk home boasting with pride, titles, and bragging rights.


If you are Canadian or not, there are plentiful sporting events that you can attend or bet on. You could be an athletics fan, a football fan, a hockey fanatic, or a ski sports follower, there is something for everyone this year happening in Canada. In the meantime, we also suggest adding some fun to your year of following Canadian sports.  How about heading to your go-to bookie and placing a bet?  What we suggest to get started is to read sports reviews, odds and compare the sites.  Make sure that the gambling site you choose is a licensed one, and one that other gamblers and punters have enjoyed before. Oh Canada, thank you for a great year overflowing with top sporting events.

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