Tips for Home Maintenance for Sellers 

Home maintanence

We often feel guilty about putting our home’s routine maintenance aside. Our busy and endlessly tiring schedules have made it harder to juggle and manage everything at the same time. 

But, maintaining your home is extremely crucial and even when it is being overlooked, you need to pay attention to its detailed maintenance, at least once every year. As the holiday season is just around, there are some simple and easy home maintenance chores that you can attend to. They will help you clean your house and keep it spik and span too. 

Also, if you are planning to sell your house, then home maintenance is really important. From clogged drain pipes to your door knobs and  your boiler; everything needs to be checked to ensure that they’re working fine. These might seem like little things but they become bigger issues that require more money, time and effort to resolve. Also learn about appliance repair services who can fix them quickly for you, before any buyer comes in.

Focusing on the little things, can help you maintain your house perfectly well and it will attract more buyers too. 

  • Is your doorbell working fine? 

When you are considering home maintenance, the first thing to check is your doorbell. Is it working fine? If not, get it fixed right away. You don’t have potential buyers to come in and your bell isn’t working. It will leave a very poor impression of you, on the buyer. 

  • Clean the exhaust fans: 

If you don’t clean out your fans, they capture in smell and moisture. And they won’t do their job well either. Cleaning exhaust fans is very important as it prevents mold from capturing in the space which can lead to extremely unhygienic conditions. And if buyers find your house smelly; they wouldn’t want to consider it. 

  • Bathroom fixtures: 

Make sure that your bathroom has everything working fine. If you have caulk between the tiles, it will make your bathroom look worn out. If the grout in your bathroom is moldy; it will exhibit poor maintenance. Get it fixed right away. 

  • Clean the drains:

Clogged drains are a nightmare and they become the root cause of many problems. If your shower or tap has been slow; it is a clear indicator that your drain needs to be cleaned. Thus attend to this issue right away. 


Home maintenance is really crucial. Whether you are planning to sell your house or just keep it clean and well maintained for you and your family; it is important to maintain it. You must also check the roof and get your property’s foundations checked thoroughly before selling it. Lastly, touch up the exterior of your home to ensure that the first impression is set right. If you have the budget, then you can boost your home’s curb appeal too as it brings in a lot of serious buyers who would pay you well. 


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