Tips on Entering (and Winning) Online Contests

Tips on Entering (and Winning) Online Contests 1

You’re scrolling through your favorite brand’s website or social media pages and notice that they’re offering an exclusive online offer this month. You click on the link to check out the prizes. Wow, you think to yourself. What are the chances of me winning these incredible items? Reluctantly, you close the tab, wishing you had the willpower and courage to enter the contest.

But the reality is, anyone can enter online contests at any time. All you need is some free time, an email address, a computer (or any smart device) connected to the internet, and a willingness to try something a little different. And these days, you’ll find incredible sweepstakes giving away anything from luxury vacations to kitchen supplies.

To help you get started on your new exciting journey, check out these tips. 

Tips on Entering (and Winning) Online Contests 2

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Get Your Information Ready

When we say “information,” we’re referring to the contact details that you’ll use to enter your preferred contests. Consider creating a separate email address to use exclusively for your contest entries so you’ll have somewhere to file everything neatly and in one place. Sometimes, if it’s a car or holiday giveaway, the contest administrator will ask for your driver’s license and date of birth. When you start to win giveaways, you’ll also have to submit your address so the company can send you your prizes.

Never give away your social insurance number, credit card, or banking information to anyone. Unless you’ve won a significant cash prize, and it’s been verified, and you know it’s authentic, you will never have to give away such personal information. If a contest requests anything related to your social insurance and personal financial information, consider it a red flag. It would be best if you also avoided responding to bogus emails claiming that you’ve won something. If you don’t recognize the email address, it’s more than likely a scam.

Think About What You Want

Once you prepare your contact info, it’s time to start finding sweepstakes to enter. Some people scoff at the concept of entering giveaways because, like anything on the internet, disingenuous people are looking to make a quick buck from innocent Canadian contest seekers. You need a legitimate and trustworthy online directory for Canadian contests that posts exciting giveaways to enter every single day. 

A reliable online contest resource will post the very best online giveaways and have a broad range of sweepstakes to choose from, such as cash prizes and Facebook contests. That way, your selection won’t be limited, and you’ll always have something new to try.

Let the Games Begin

Now comes the fun part — submitting your entries! You’ll find your stride as you get into the swing of things, but for now, enter any contest that appeals to you. The more you enter, the higher your chances are of winning something. Soon, you’ll discover the benefits of winning prizes and saving money, all from the comfort of your home. 

When you find a reliable and regularly updated online contest resource, entering giveaways becomes a breeze. You’ll find legitimate sweepstakes, and before long, you’ll be winning big.

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