Tips on How to Choose a Reliable Essay Service

Tips on How to Choose a Reliable Essay Service 1


There are hundreds of essay writing services on the internet. However, the question arises: Are they reliable? Well, you can not simply tell this by judging the graphics of the website. You must read all of the points below that will help you in identifying a reliable writing service

Read Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials help a lot when you are deciding which writing service you should choose. Always read all the comments and search for online reviews separately. Make sure that the website delivers what they promise. The customer reviews will tell you the issues that customers face. For example, a customer review can say that the website does not provide the exact content.

The next time you place an order on this website, make sure to enlist all the instructions and attach all the documents. The more the supporting material is, the more accurate content you will receive.

You can check out a cheap essay writing service and see how a professional writer works. You can see the social proof on this website because it develops trust in the customer’s eyes. 

Cheaper Does Not Mean Better

Cost is a major indicator of a competent essay service. As a student, you might shortlist websites based on their price range. However, a low price does not necessarily mean high quality. If you want to get a unique and credible service, start closing all the low-cost services tabs.

People encounter such budget-y services as a common problem because they get work delivered in just a few hours and at reasonable prices but guess what? The work is copied completely, or it is full of structural and grammar mistakes. Now you are in great trouble. They might not even respond to your queries. You will have to fix all the mistakes yourself.

Remember, it takes far more time to fix mistakes than actually writing an essay from scratch. Save yourself from such pitfalls and look for a reliable essay writing service

Make Sure that Writers are Experts

You must check out the section where the website posts information about the writers that have been hired. You must make sure that they are professionals and the senior subject writers have PhDs.

A content writer cannot write a scientific paper without proper research skills and knowledge about the subject.  Only a specialist in your respective subject can do a high-quality job for you. Do not compromise on this.

Professional writers will always produce a piece of writing that has very few grammar and structure issues. So there is another added benefit for you. 

Inquire About Deadlines

It is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a custom essay writing service. A service can only be considered reliable if the content is delivered within the time arranged. Always look for services that have the option to choose deadlines. Look for customer comments regarding the timeliness of the service. It would be best always to choose an earlier deadline for your assignment delivery than the actual one given to you by your college. In this way, you can check the work’s quality and get it modified if it does not meet your expectations.

You can use ResumeThatWorks to get an idea of how you can set a deadline for the assignment. Also, check out customer reviews regarding their service. It will give you an idea of how to choose a service in the future.  

Do They Offer Free Revisions?

A top writing service always provides the option for free revisions. As mentioned before, check out essay pro and essay best to see the options they provide to the clients. You must always go for the services that can modify your work after they have delivered it to you. It should be free.

If you go for a service that offers only paid revisions, then you are in trouble. Every time you find a mistake, they will charge you for getting it fixed. They might even use this as a strategy to make more money. Not providing quality work for the first time and fixing it after paid revisions will help them make more profits. Save yourself from such scams and look for reliable websites.  

Customer Support

Every writing service has a support team. However, the question arises that is it available for 24 hours and is it trustworthy? The best essay service has a customer service team that is always present to answer your questions. They will let you know the progress of your assignment. You can also tell them if you want to add or omit something from the assignment.

Active customer services will also come in handy when you have to ask them for revisions. In this way, you will be able to meet your actual deadlines. Instantaneous communication is integral in this business; otherwise, the essay will be of low quality. Communication is one of the top pillars of reliable writing services. 

Plagiarism and Grammar Reports

I have repeatedly stressed upon quality and uniqueness of work. It is because copied work can get you in serious trouble. You must always ask online essay writing services to provide you with a plagiarism report. Always check that the report must be from a reliable service such as Turnitin.

Services like Grammarly and Hemingway can be used to see if the sentences are correct in grammar and length. You can also ask for additional checking reports, such as a grammar report. By having such reports, you will be much more confident and will not correct the errors yourself. 

Writing Types

A reliable writing service does not only provide content writing services. They excel at different types of writings. There are many types of papers, such as:

  • Essay
  • Dissertations
  • Marketing plans
  • Research papers
  • Terms papers 
  • Articles 
  • Book reviews 
  • Financial analysis 
  • Thesis
  • Story

You cannot choose a service that claims to be the best and offers only one service type. The more diversity it has in terms of services, the more reliable it is. Do check if they have expert subject writers for the papers they have mentioned in the list. Check out EssayKitchen. You can see that they have a huge variety of documents, subject areas, and topics. 


Online essay writing services are increasing at a fast pace. It is a challenge for students to identify which ones are reliable before getting their assistance. However, using the above tips, you can avail of the services of some of the best and trustworthy essay writing websites out there. 


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