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We all know that first impression matter. Whenever we visit a place, we do notice something spectacular. And for architecture, a design must be top-notch if you want your home or office to stand out from others.

Here’s a List of Some 10 Best Architecture Firms of Calgary for You:

1.Gravity Architecture Firms Calgary:

Gravity Architecture specialises in multiple family, miscellaneous-usage and projects which are commercial.

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They have rich experience in both undeveloped and interlayer factors and also in shareholder tryst.

Gravity Architecture has evolved through a close comprehension of abiding the municipal regulations, codes, authorization processes, developer architectural commands and the science behind building and sensibilities for design.

This extensive prowess makes your capability of self-reliant assistance to owners, developers & builders affordable which possess the ability to work for a variety of projects from small scale to large.


2.Neoteric Architecture inc., Architecture Firms Calgary

Architecture Firms Calgary 

Neoteric Architecture inc. is an architecture firm based out of Calgary. Neoteric Architecture offers innovative ideas to its clients from conception to real life with a procedure of cooperation for communal harmony in their built surroundings. 

They are well-known for providing their best designs and services to all the Calgary people.

They possess great experience and skills needed for a great architecture firm. 

3.Andison Residential Design-Architecture Firms Calgary

Architecture Firms Calgary

Andison Residential Design is an architect firm based in the Alberta region of Calgary. They are famous for their design and drafting and primarily aim at making stunning residential structures.

Andison Residential Design offers a variety of professional expertise in architectural and design framing, which has made it possible for them to create an amazing portfolio of projects.

Even if it’s a restoration, a contemporary or a multi-family component or a massive-scale hector or residence, Andison is ready to deliver the finest level of design, all whilst building a highly customized experience for you.

4.Marre Design Group-Architecture Firms Calgary

Architecture Firms Calgary

Marre Design Group is an architecture firm, Calgary. Their expertise lies in the design and building of personalised houses, and they pay enormous attention to the minutest details.

Marre Design Group will help you through the procedure from A to Z. From site planning to the designs and entire process of construction, you do not need to worry at all!

You can trust Marre Design Group with all your heart as they are recognised with awards from Architects Network, RAIC (Member of the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada), Member of the AIA Custom Residential Architects Network.

5.Willix Developments Ltd., Architecture Firms Calgary

Architecture Firms Calgary

Willix Developments Ltd. is one of the architecture firms Calgary, in the Alberta area. They provide various services such as customized houses, designing guesthouses, construction, home addendum and extensions, remodelling of the home, planning of the house, fresh home constructions, project management and much more.

You can rely on their specialized team, which will help your dream house come true.


6.Laratta Homes Ltd., Architecture Firms Calgary

Architecture Firms Calgary

Laratta Homes Ltd. is one of the best architecture firms in Calgary. Irrespective of whether you are constructing a new home or renovating an old one, this award-winning team of Laratta will lead you to such beautiful designs which will transform your imagination into real buildings.

Laratta Homes Ltd. has been awarded as CRHBA Five-time Builder of Merit, Alberta New Home Warranty Golden Hammer of Distinction, Soils and Moisture Control Certificates and Multiple SAM Award winners for ‘Best Architectural Design’.

They were also selected for the front cover of the ‘Best of Street of Dreams’ Magazine.

7. Creative Home Decorating -Architecture Firms Calgary

Creative Home Decorating is a firm owned by Kim Cameron, a Calgary based interior designer. She has an ardent passion for creatively designing houses and buildings.

Building Designs, Calgary

Kim Cameron has got the ability to do her magic with the simplest of home décor things and mix-matching casually and effortlessly into stupendous outcomes.

Kim goes to her client’s home and helps in reorganizing the furniture already available at the place in such an impactful way which changes the whole house at a minimal price. This makes them one of the unique architecture firms in Calgary.

8. Alpine Construction and Design Ltd., Architecture Firms Calgary

Alpine Construction and Design Ltd. is a Calgary based landscaping agency which helps in designing, constructing and maintaining the residential as well as the commercial landscapes in and around the region of Calgary.

Architecture Firms Calgary

Alpine is primarily an expert in personalized topographical collections of architecture. If you have got a sweeping commercialised project or are thinking of arranging your home landscape, they will help you from start to end throughout the journey.

Once the work is done, Alpine also offers you an optional maintenance programme. This programme includes everything for a perfect landscape and helps in maintaining your topography for years after the planning and designing.

9. Talee Renovations Inc., Architecture Firms Calgary

Talee Renovations Inc. is a Calgary based architecture firm. They’ve been gaining fame and recognition with their fabulous construction and designing with their every project since the year 2008.

Renovated house, Calgary

The best thing about Talee Renovations is they are native to Calgary and take with pride in their work and ensure security and longevity with every project they do.

They provide different services which include installation of windows, repair and installation of a dry well, custom bathroom vanities, customized kitchen cabinets, tiles installation, installations of doors, designs of basement, bathroom and kitchen, remodelling of kitchen and the entire home, basement remodelling, flooring installation, bathroom remodelling, custom countertops and more.

Talee Renovations Inc. has been awarded several awards. They have approved contractors by Bryan Baumler and is one of the best architecture firms Calgary.

Talee are A+ rated contractors by Renovation Contractor. They have been recognised with the  Better Business Bureau award (BBB), A+ rated Accredited business, they’re also Best of Houzz awardee continuously since 2014 till present (2020) and Certified by

10. Barbosa Engineering & Design-Architecture Firms Calgary

Architecture Firms Calgary

Barbosa Engineering & Design is an architecture firm in Calgary. Barbosa offers you several services which include construction drawings, home remodelling, custom homes, floor plans, architectural drawings, home additions, structural engineering, drafting, house planning, architectural designing, energy-efficient houses and more.

These top 10 Architecture firms of Calgary will definitely help you in styling or building your dream home or office with minimum efforts from your end. Whether you want to renovate your house or office or even want to construct a new one, these firms are extremely versatile and experienced and help you out with the building of your dream house or office.

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