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In today’s world, fashion keeps changing every day. From clothing to accessories and footwear, it is an industry of millions and trillions. Let alone actors and models, but everyone follows fashion and carries in their style. Be it office, simple everyday look or some festive/occasional one.

Here are the top 10 Calgary Boutiques specially curated for you to meet up all your needs.


1. North Hill Centre


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Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

North Hill Centre has got back of every generation. It was the first shopping mall in the region and the first member of Calgary Boutique. It constitutes more than a hundred shops and services. Since 1958 North Hill Centre has offered its services to the people of Calgary.

Shops in the North Hill Centre first opened in the June of 1958, whereas the official opening program was held in the October of 1958. It was believed to be the biggest shopping centre of western Canada, having around thirty stores and services.

Spokeswoman of North Hill Centre, Paula Newbold says that it was not less than any revolution to have a mall and enjoying shopping even in the late-night, and everything which is quite ordinary now. The best thing about this was that all of this was available at the single complex, one place, and the same building.

North Hill Centre was actually constructed as a strip mall paired with a separate Simpson-sears chain store.
In 1973, North Hill experienced a massive renovation where twenty more shops were added, enclosing the shopping area. The design was pretty unconventional, with the central corridor having unequal columns and around as tall as the ceiling which displayed a unique appearance of the front store in the mall.

Fairview Bowling Alley and the North Hill Theatre, which were built in the parking lot, remained intact and served till 1999.


2. International Avenue BRZ


International Avenue BRZ

Photo from International Avenue BRZ website

International Avenue is a Business Revitalization Zone, familiarly known as BRZ in the Alberta region of Calgary. It is situated on 17th avenue SE around the forest lawn, which falls on the eastern side of the city.

International Avenue was created in 1993 for the celebration of the prosperous cultural variety found in east-central Calgary. Henceforth, this region has come to its popularity for its authentic and ethnic restaurants and shopping.

Since the year 2003, international Avenue BRZ has become host to the largest multi-cultural event of Calgary, known as GlobalFest.

GlobalFest amalgamates both a celebration of variety, also known as OneWorld Festival and an International festival of Fireworks at Elliston Park. This event is organized annually, at the ending of the period of August.


3. Eau Claire Market


Eau Claire Market

Photo from Eau Claire Market website

Eau Claire Market is the spot of attraction in its neighbourhood. Eau is situated in the exact south of the Bow River and was built on a land that was formerly an industrial one. Eau Claire Market dwells of different unique and amazing galleries and shops, a 6-screen Cineplex; Odeon Multiplex, a food court and several restaurants.

To contemplate the rearrangement of Eau Claire Plaza, plans are currently in augmentation to demolish and completely reconstruct the market, which has lessened in popularity in the past few years.

The new market will close the entrance to the future underground two-street SW station, which is a part of the Calgary Green Line.


4. Feeling Fancy Clothing Boutique


boutique calgary

Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

Feeling Fancy Clothing Boutique of Calgary aims to supply a tremendous variety of products to pick from, delivered with honesty, engagement and utmost client satisfaction. You can visit them offline or even shop from their online shop.

Feeling Fancy Clothing offers diverse products and services. Some of them include Bamboo leggings, tunics, women’s cardigans, jeans, clothing for petite women, dresses and more.

The Boutique offers you products from these brands:
Papillon, Orange Fashion Village, Papa Fashions, Red Coral, Compliments, C’est Moi and more.

French and English is spoken here for the comfort of customers.

5. Your Dollar Store with More


Your Dollar Store with More

Photo by Phil Aicken on Unsplash

Your Dollar Store with More is a Calgary boutique that has been providing all the things people need for any party since 1998.

From candles, paper cups, steamers to masks, they’ve got it all. You can visit their store to see the diverse amount of products and services they offer to make your party top-notch.

They display wedding party supplies, party table cloths, piñata, party masks, helium tanks, loot bags and much more. They also take special orders on request, and you can have a unique, customized party!


6. Gardenia Flower Boutique


Gardenia Flower Boutique

Photo by Ros on Unsplash

Gardenia is a Calgary-based shop owned by a family which offers you delicate yet beautiful floral designs and home decoration services.

They deliver customized designs (floral). The atmosphere there is pretty friendly, and the customer service is good too.

As they say, the goal of Gardenia Flower Boutique is to create an ambiance where every customer feels like a family.
Here, you can find freshly cut flowers, Hand-tied bouquets, centerpieces, flower arrangements, seasonal planters and plants, and more.



7. Apik Art Gallery and Floral Boutique


Apik Art Gallery and Floral Boutique

Photo from Apik Art Gallery and Floral Boutique website

The Aprik Art Gallery & Floral Boutique is a Calgary boutique which is not only a licensed venue; but a place that supports all kinds of events in Calgary, including art exhibitions, different classes, floral boutiques, parties, weddings and what not!

Apik Art Gallery and Floral Boutique mainly works to promote the works of the local artists and are vocal for local.
Here, you can get various arts, paintings, parties, special events and programs, exhibitions and classes, and much more that too in affordable rates!

Apik Art Gallery and Floral Boutique is inside the Eau Claire Market place.

8. The Bragging Bride Boutique


The Bragging Bride Boutique

Photo from The Bragging Bride Boutique website

The dresses of The Bragging Bride Boutique are differently special than some other place. The Avenue Magazine had also chosen them in the top six bridal boutiques amongst all of the Calgary boutiques.

The Bragging Bride Boutique offers bridal veil, bridal headpiece, bridal shops, Flowergirl dress, plus size wedding dresses, designer wedding dresses, tiaras, newly designed consignment gowns, wedding dresses and gowns and everything that a bride might need on her special day to make it even more special and memorable!

The Bragging Bride carries different brands such as Jasmine, Stella York, Enzoni, Palloma, Watters, Mikaella; in case you want to pick a readymade wedding dress.


9. Jeannies Boutique


calgary boutique

Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash

Jeannie’s Boutique offers various services and has got the experience of more than a decade. Their services include women’s clothing, wedding, and bridal Shoppe.

You can visit their shop to choose your favourite dresses tailored to perfection, experience and love.


10. Antiquaire Vintage Boutique


Antiquaire Vintage Boutique

Photo from Antiquaire Vintage Boutique website

Antiquaire Vintage is one of those Calgary boutiques which not only showcase women’s apparels but men’s fashion too. They offer everything from normal day-to-day clothing to bridal wear.

You can go anytime, and there won’t be any shortage of items. Everything is kept in stock and well, which is the best part. The Antiquaire Vintage Boutique strongly believes that every person can express their special and unique style and sense and stand by your values with your fashion choices.

They are ardent towards vintage things and old times because they feel it gives people unique and out-of-the-box items that can be eco-friendly and pocket-friendly too!

Good quality clothes last really long, which minimizes the price and waste too. Here you can collect your old clothes and renovate them to give them an entirely new look, just like a magic wand!

In Antiquaire Vintage Boutique, they truly stick and swear by vintage clothes and their mostly handmade craftsmanship. They clean your old clothes, repair them, and restyle them to make them all new to give your wardrobe a new touch and sprinkle some pixie dust.

You can think and play with different combinations to style your vintage clothes in different places.
Antiquaire Vintage Boutique is located in 1219A 9th Avenue SE, Calgary.

A clothing boutique

Photo by cheng feng on Unsplash

Here you saw top 10 list of Calgary Boutiques varying from clothes, to parties, floral and vintage. For the people who aren’t pro fashionistas or even for those who know fashion closely, boutiques work as saviors for all. If an excellent fashion sense meets a great boutique, anybody can achieve that jaw-dropping look.

Floral boutiques are also a unique concept where they provide us with the flowers and arrangements for grand parties, fests, weddings and all. They are like florists, except they are large-scale florists.

Then come to party services and wedding services. Some years ago the scenario was different ; you had to work and arrange everything by yourself if you’re throwing a party and that had some unique charm. But today everything is so easy to have.

My personal favourite was the concept of the vintage boutique which not only save you money; but also gives you one in a million look! The eco-friendly process of restyling your old clothes from an experienced boutique; sounds great!

Head to Calgary boutiques, visit them and tell us if you stumbled upon some unique boutique or shops in Calgary.

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