Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 1

Nestled at the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canmore is a small town known for its culture, charm and spectacular scenery. It is located approximately 81 kilometres west of Calgary near the Banff National Park in the southeast. The town also shares a border with Kananaskis Country in the west.

Canmore offers a lot starting from its amazing scenery, vast wildlife, outdoor activities, pubs and restaurants. Its craggy summits like the Ha Ling Peak, the Three Sisters and the Grassi Lake Trail are some of the famous tourist attractions of this place. The place is also famous among those who enjoy hiking, camping, skiing and enjoys mountain biking.

Top Day Trips From Canmore

Here is the list of some short and perfect day trips from Canmore that can be taken to explore its surrounding areas.

1. Lake Louise

(Time: 1 hour 16 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 2

Lake Louise is one of the famous and the recognizable Lake in Alberta’s Banff National Park. The glacier-fed lake is known for its magical turquoise green water surrounded by high snow-capped granite peaks. At one of its end, is the luxurious Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise which has the most dramatic and amazing setting. Millions of visitors and photographers have visited the place to witness and capture the beauty of the lake. Lake Louise is one of the best landmarks that can be included in the list of top day trips from Canmore.

2. Moraine Lake

(Time: 1 hour 9 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 3

Moraine Lake is another beautiful Lake that can be included in the list of top day trips from Canmore. The Moraine Lake is yet another lake of the Banff National Park, which is equally as impressive as Lake Louise but it attracts a lesser number of tourists if compared. The Moraine Lake is located 13 kilometres away from Lake Louise and is surrounded by 10 beautiful peaks at its edge. This lake is also known for its shimmering turquoise colour and beautifully picturesque.

3. Town of Banff

(Time: 20 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 4

The mountain town of Banff located in the south end of the Banff National Park is a beautiful place located in Alberta’s Rockies along the Trans- Canada Highway.  The town of Banff was the first municipality that incorporated within a Canadian national park. It is a resort town and Canada’s most popular tourist destination known for its hot springs and mountainous surroundings suitable for skiing, hiking and biking. The streets of the town remain packed all seasons with tourists all over the world to witness its nearby beauty.

4. Icefields Parkway

(Time: 3 hour 34 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 5

The Icefields Parkway that is Highway 93 is one of the most beautiful highways in Canada that takes the travellers on a lovely journey from Banff National Park to the Jasper National Park. The parkway crosses the northern part of the Banff National Park and the southern part of the Jasper National Park forming a link between the Yellowhead Highway 16 and Trans- Canada Highway 1. The Icefields Parkway is a wonderful sightseeing route that has incredible breathtaking views, scenic waterfalls, snowy mountain peaks, glaciers and wild animals like the bighorn sheep, mountain goats visible along the roadside.

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 6

The Columbia Icefield is another popular sight along the Icefields Parkway, which is the largest icefield in the Rocky Mountains. The icefield feeds the six major glaciers among which is the famous Athabasca Glacier, which is the most-visited glacier in North America.  The Icefield Parkway along with the Columbia Icefield is a must-visit and a perfect sight for any day trips from Canmore.

5. Peyto Lake

(Time: 1 hour 25 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 7

Peyto Lake is another well known glacier-fed Banff Lake located in the Banff National Park of Canadian Rockies, Alberta; that can be included in the list of day trips from Canmore. This lake can be easily accessed from the Icefields Parkway and is just 30 minutes away from that of Lake Louise as they are located on the same route. The beautiful Peyto Lake is also famous for its wonderful turquoise colour and the beautiful meadows in its surrounding covered with wildflowers.

6. Bow Valley Parkway

(Time: 45 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 8

The Bow Valley Parkway is another beautiful place suited best among all other locations perfect for day trips from Canmore. It is a 48 kilometres long, long parkway that runs between Banff and Lake Louise and also serves an alternative route to the Trans-Canada Highway.

The Bow Valley Parkway offers a lot of viewpoints one of them is the Castle Mountain whose Eisenhower Peak stands 2728 meters high. The parkway also has numerous camping and picnic spots and also gives us a chance to see some of its wildlife. The Johnston Canyon is one of the most famous stops along the parkway.

7. Radium Hot Springs

(Time: 1 hour 52 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 9

The Radium Hot Springs is a 1 and a half-hour drive from Banff, located at the south entrance of the Kootenay National Park. The village itself is small with only 700 people, but the place is visited by a large number of people for its hot springs pools. It is a soothing mineral water hot spring that is perfect for relaxing and chilling out with family and friends.

Not only that, but the place also has a small cafe and provides on-site spa facilities that let us reserve messages and facial care. One can also enjoy the view of the Bighorn Sheep on the slopes above the Radium Hot Springs Pools.

The other attractions of the Kootenay National Park are the Marble Canyon and the Stanley Glacier Hike. The Stanley Glacier is an 8.5km hike that provides amazing views of the mountains along its path. Hiking here is a bit difficult due to its height, but people still love visiting this not so busy trail.

The Marble  Canyon is a short drive from the Stanley Glacier. It is a 1.5 km loop trail leading alongside the deep and narrow canyon providing numerous photo aesthetic views perfect for capturing. Another attraction here is the Boom Lake which is just 56.5 kilometres away from Canmore. The Kootenay National Park can also be termed as a perfect spot among all other such destinations that fall under the perfect day trips from Canmore.

8. Takakkaw Falls

(Time: 1 hour 31 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 10

The Takakkaw Falls of Yoho National Park is another location for a perfect day trip from Canmore. Another attraction of the Yoho National Park is the Emerald Lake which is the largest of the other 61 lakes and ponds.

The Takakkaw waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Canada, falling from over a cliff of height 255 meters.  The Takakkaw Falls, with its stunning scenery and wonderful picturesque, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Canadian Rockies. The Takakkaw Falls is a must-visit for those, planning for day trips from Canmore.

9.Kananaskis Lake

(Time: 15 minutes)

Top 10 Day Trips From Canmore 11


Kananaskis Country is a beautiful park system located at the west of Calgary in Alberta, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. The Kananaskis Country is a good destination for a perfect day trip from Canmore. One of the famous attraction here is the Kananaskis River, after which the place was named.

The Kananaskis is a tributary of the Bow River that flows along with the Kananaskis country. The upper course of the river is famous for its many hiking trails, and the lower part of the river is popular for activities like canoeing, rafting and kayaking. The place is also perfect for enjoying with family and friends. And one must add this destination in their list of days trips from Canmore.

10. Bow Valley Provincial Park

(Time: 17 minutes away via Three Sisters Parkway)

day trips from Canmore

The Bow Valley Provincial Park situated in the beautiful Kananaskis Country is a perfect location for spending a relaxing day and perfect day between the pristine nature of the place.

The Bow Valley Provincial Park is a wonderful place located not very far from Canmore, that lets one enjoy its beautiful nature, amazing campsites and the scenic view of the place. The park is rich in flora and fauna and is dominated by pines including spruce, fir and poplars. The Bow Valley Provincial Park allows various activities such as camping, bird watching, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding and many more.

Canmore is a beautiful place where one can enjoy hiking, skiing, fishing, sightseeing and even dining events. A lot of amazing resorts, hotels, restaurants and other plenty of accommodation options are available for the visitors who plan their stay in the place. Canmore is not only a wonderful place itself but is also surrounded by beautiful neighbouring locations. Everything mentioned above on the list is the places one can choose from to suit their taste for perfect day trips from Canmore during their stay here.

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