Top 5 best online casino bonuses in Canada!

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Icy Canada TeamJune 14, 2022
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Canada is the place for the best online casino bonuses. Whatever they have to offer in this online field is the best.When you have a list from which you cannot choose, it becomes a huge challenge to make a decision. So, what would be the best online casino bonuses in Canada to choose from? Please keep reading.

1.    Royal Panda

If you are looking for a casino that is both online and fun, then Royal Panda is where to go. If you are a customer, you are assured to stay. The Casino is always on the hunt for prospective casino lovers.

Once you make your first deposit, the Royal Panda matches it 100%, making it C $1000. You should not worry if or not to make an additional deposit once you deplete your first, as you automatically get an extra 5% bonus not on your first deposit but on every deposit you make.


But is that all to your deposit? Not. The 5% bonus has a three-time playthrough requirement with extremely high stakes. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let us move on further to why Royal Panda ranks so highly as an online best casino bonus in Canada.


Royal Panda brings with it a variety of games and platforms to play. Apart from available modern slots, there are table games and an excellent catalog you can make your choice from. If your heart lets you go after a jackpot and not just small payouts from time to time, the platform has a Jackpot section with a higher stake and a chance for you to make massive winnings.


Royal Panda also has a sports betting platform for betting fanatics. In this platform, you stand a chance to make generous sports bonuses and take vast home chunks of money with you. The online Casino is undoubtedly placed separately from the sports betting platform. This is a good thing as you can strike a balance between making good use of both media and walking home a rich person.


2.   LeoVegas

The second highest-ranked best casino in Canada is the LeoVegas. There are fantastic prizes to be won in cash through the available weekly tournaments.


Quite a way to get value for the money you deposit, right?


Have you once participated in a VIP program in an online casino? If not, the LeoVegas has a VIP program that is not only generous but offers you personalized gifts.


It is a matter of something you will both love and remember.


There is no way you would not want to be associated with this online Casino, considering the many gits available and up for grabs!

LeoVegas allows mobile compatibility. You can play anytime, anywhere, as there is no limit to the number of games you can play.

This gives you a greater chance of making huge money!

If this is not enough, LeoVegas gives you confidence and offers you security on all your games as the Malta Gaming Authority licenses it.

3.    Casumo

Casumo has been an online casino in Canada since 2012. If you want an obvious answer as to why it is still a preferred online casino bonus platform in Canada, the truth is that it is still in existence and with very many loyal customers.

In addition to being in existence for so many years, the platform also offers you gaming confidence and security as the Malta Gambling License licenses it. You have certainly missed out on many good things about Casumo if you hear about it for the first time.

There is so much that Casumo has to brag about, but nothing beats its available mobile application. If you are using an iOs or an Android device, you are sure that nothing limits you from participating as much as you want.

There are over 800 games for you to choose from. If you are stuck but still need to keep playing and make more money, Casumo has an available customer care service that supports you when you need to and is available 24/7 to respond to all your inquiries.


The mobile experience is not all there is to give Casumo an upper hand or make it an excellent choice. It is in how well you are welcome to the platform. When signing in, you have an option that enables you to claim a 100% reward on your first deposit that could go up to C$1,000.


4.   Vegasoo


Are you a gambler looking for the best online gambling experience and with the best bonuses? If you are a resident of Canada, Vegasoo is a place you will get compensated for every online gambling experience you will have. While it has not been available nor existed for a long time, the platform has attracted new customers at a very high rate.

If we say something about Vegasoo’s user experience, it is how easy their website is to navigate. The gold-themed design goes very well with the black background. In addition to that, you will be excited by the multiple responsive controls available on Vegasoo.

Everything available on this platform that grants it high uniqueness and significant competitive advantage is the ease of use which is an excellent experience for every player.


5.    VegasLounge


Vegas Lounge online Casino Bonus is not so old in the industry. Yet, it is relatively new, and it should not give you the fear of placing your deposits: Malta Gaming Industry and the UK Gambling Commission are the primary regulators of Royal Panda. Every guarantee you place is safe, and there are high chances of you making huge returns.

Once you join the online gaming platform, you will get a welcome bonus that is difficult for you to ignore. You get a 50% cashback and other promotions, including dividends that change every day.


The online Casino has grown. If you are a gaming lover, gambling fanatic, and ready to take that chance, you can try the best online Canada Casino bonuses today. You may be the luckiest.

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