Top 5 H1B Tips Today With Trumps’ Proposed Changes

Top 5 H1B Tips Today With Trumps' Proposed Changes 1

With President Donald Trump’s announcement that the propsed policy change in the allocation of H1B Visas is going to make the process tougher than before, there is a lot of nervousness in the many people who has set sights for a living in the united states of America. If you are one of them and don’t want administrative policy changes getting in the way of your future, here is a look at the Top 5 H1b tips today with Trumps’ proposed changes.Top 5 H1B Tips Today With Trumps' Proposed Changes 21. Apply As Early As Possible.

This just cannot be stressed enough. Visa applications for the next year will be accepted from the month of April of the previous year. Do if you are planning to be in the US next year, April the 1st is the date that you have to catch.

2. H1B Lottery

If the USCIS gets more applications that the Visa limit in the first five working days, then a computer initiated randomised system will be adopted to pick out the accepted visa list. If your application reaches later than this date, then it will be summarily rejected.

3. Look For An American Employer To Sponsor You.

H1B visa cap is targeted at employers who do not have a head office in the United States. So if you manage to get an American based company to be your sponsor, then in the spirit of equality, your visa application will be stronger than the others.

4. Avoid Credential Evaluation Delays and Laches.

This tip is for those applicants who have had a non US graduate degree. The visa eligibility requires you to have a degree equivalent to a 4 year graduate programme of the US. For this verification, a credential evaluation agency will first ascertain whether or not your academic qualifications fall through.

This agency is independent of the USCIS and will take its time to make its evaluation. Make sure you send them your transcripts well in advance so that the unnecessary delays in the evaluation are avoided successfully.  

5. Get Labour Condition Application Certified As Soon As Possible

As with the credential evaluation, this process also takes its own time to certify your labour condition application, so apply well in advance.

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