How Are Courier Services Evolving for Businesses?

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Icy Canada TeamMay 4, 2021
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Whatever happened in 2020 was unexpected and unusual. However, it helped us get prepared for the upcoming year and many more years. It prepared us for making informed decisions for an uncertain future. We noticed that businesses became digitized as the world embraced extensive lockdowns.

Last year, we noticed an increased delivery of cannabis, flowers, B2B food, continuing in 2021. We also witnessed a significant increase in grocery delivery which is more likely to grow in the upcoming years.

As we pass the first quarter of 2021, it is safe to state that businesses can benefit enormously from courier services, such as cheap Shipping Canada. Here is what businesses and everyone else can expect in the upcoming years from courier services.

Permanent Change in Consumer-Behaviour

As we pass through 2021, it is getting more clear to us how things will stand in the future, especially regarding the changes in consumer behavior. 2020 has set the defining factor for the upcoming economic aspects, which means that despite everyone getting vaccinated, the shift in consumers’ buying behavior will essentially remain the same.

Although the world’s population is craving for things to get back to normal, we are gradually accepting the new normal of a digital economy which will demand more delivery in favor of roaming the physical stores and markets to avail goods and services. 

Heightened Expectations From Deliveries

Why do we go to restaurants and fine-dining spots or live concerts? We are always willing to pay more for the ambiance, experience, and atmosphere. With the increase in delivery services, businesses will be willing to collaborate with courier services to exhibit an excellent customer delivery experience. More efforts will be put into delivering a premium delivery experience in the upcoming years.

A Rise in Local Favorites

With the changing times, customers expect a lot from e-commerce delivery services. As more businesses are getting digitized and joining e-commerce, they will more likely integrate their delivery solutions, revitalizing the consumer’s shift to local delivery favorites instead of the eCommerce juggernauts.

Suppose we have a closer look at consumer behavior. In that case, we see that the masses always appreciate a sense of personal connection and specialization that they feel with their local shops and markets instead of global chains.

With a steady increase in consumers’ preference to get deliveries from their local stores, it is expected to increase personalized offerings and customized products. The trend of customized products and personalized items isn’t confined to tailored dresses and cakes alone. You can expect this trend to engulf appliances and home goods as well.

Steady Rise in Delivery Volume

As mentioned before, 2020 caused a major shift in consumer behavior from real-life shopping to purchasing products online, which subsequently boosted the eCommerce delivery volumes.

The underlying reason for the boom in e-commerce and e-commerce delivery was manifold – people had more leisure time, spent more time on social media looking up products and services, wanted to stay safe, and boredom. One example of this would be the spike in food delivery services, where revenue surged to 103% during the lockdown restrictions.

It has been speculated that in 2021 and the subsequent years, people will buy more online products and have more items/ food/groceries delivered than ever before. Over time, customers have become overly comfortable with online transactions and delivery, which will prompt them to increase their frequency in online shopping and item delivery.

By integrating subscriptions, businesses will expand their loyal clientele and increase the likelihood of frequently returning customers. That said, successful businesses will integrate innovative business models that will revolve around generating a better delivery experience.  

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