Top Things To Do During Canada Winter Time

Wintertime in Canada is from December to February, distinguished by dense snowfall, storms, and freezing gales. Although winter conveys a lot of changes, the Canadians have received to accommodate and encompass the natural phenomenon as a part of their nation’s identification.

Across the nation, several  Canada winter time enterprises and carnivals have also graced a yearly ritual for locals and an allure for guests. Are you organizing a winter voyage for yourself or your family? Here are unique of the various outstanding items to do in The Great White North during the winter season.

Places To Visit

1.Catch A Glimpse Of The Arctic Lights

First off on your wintertime bucket list, the Northern Lights! Also perceived as Aurora Borealis, this heavenly exhibition highlights unique hues in the atmosphere such as Pink, Green, Yellow, and Violet. Generally perceived throughout the Canadian wintertime, it is created by particles striking with vapors in the environment.

The most trustworthy place to observe Aurora Borealis in Canada is Yellowknife, discovered in the Northern Territories. There’s also an Aurora Village where you can experience camping, watch a fireworks performance, and expertise barbecued marshmallows.

2.Tour Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Ontario is appealing at any given time of the Year. Nevertheless, throughout the Canada winter time, the waterfalls turn into a new fascination as it emphasizes significant natural ice structures.

If you’re touring between early November until the end of January, make sure you don’t abstain from the Winter Festival of Lights. Here, you will observe over a hundred light fireworks with trees beautifully illuminated against the gloomy skies.

If you want, you can even connect with the thousands of people at the New Year’s Eve gala in Niagara. Fancy live performance and wonder at the sensational fireworks exhibit before midnight strokes!

3.Unwind At A Famous Ski Resort

Due to the substantial quantity of snowfall experienced across this northerly land, Canada is recognized for its numerous ski resorts and slopes, which are permitted for over six months there.

The Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort in British Columbia was the place of the 2010 Winter Olympics Nordic competitions. Meanwhile, Banff and Lake Louise are a simple ski escape outside of Calgary, Alberta, and Mont-Tremblant, 90 minutes northward of Montreal in Quebec, which is a pleasant winter mountainous settlement.

These hotels are distinguished by any measure—long-drawn runs, intense drop-offs, and magnificent landscape plus an array of individual pursuits, such as Heli-Skiing and Glacier Skiing.

4.Visit An Ice Hotel

Embrace the Canada winter season in a grand ice hotel. The very popular Hôtel de Glace, a 3-star seasonal resort in Ville de Québec, is mostly constructed from ice and snow. Its cabins have chunks of ice as beds but don’t bother because beds and sleeping packs are presented.

Few of the themed suites even have ice carvings that are decorated with elegant illumination. Other facilities of the ice hotel incorporate whirlpool spas, furnaces, an open-air spa, and saunas.

Imagining of a fairytale winter marriage? Hôtel de Glace also has a marriage church!

5.Be Amazed By Ice Sculptures

Canada solely doesn’t run out of winter celebrations.

Ottawa, Canada’s southeastern capital, has the Winterlude holiday, which is held each YearYear in February. It is a neighborhood culture since 1979, highlighting an ice sculpture contest and other Canadian winter time pursuits.

Kids of all ages can participate in North America’s most extensive snow playground, while grown-ups are welcome to wonder at the ice displays at Confederation Park. Most of the Winterlude celebrations and performances are free of cost—indeed, a must-do experience for budget explorers!

6.Sink In A Steamy Spa

Are you hurting from throbbing tissues after your ultimate winter pursuits? You can always have a relaxing spa therapy! There’s the Nordic Spa at Quebec, extending steamy spas, saunas, steam baths, and even warm waterfalls.

All these can be incorporated into a form of thermotherapy, which is assumed to have emphatic physical and emotional impacts on the body. Also, the spa is strategically established on the mountainside, enclosed by luxurious landscapes and sight of the majestic Jacques-Cartier valley.

7.Tour Winterlude

Canadians commemorate sub-zero colds and waist-high snowdrifts by staging magnificent winter holidays, like Winterlude of Ottawa. Each Year every February, for the first three weekends, the nation’s capital puts on a Canadian wintertime celebration that highlights ice-skating on the world’s most profuse arena, ice modelings, a snow park, sing-alongs, and more.

8.Take In The Beauty of The Monts-Valin National Park

Snow for miles and miles, a hill that’s been eroded over time and breathtaking perspectives. The awe-inspiring massif of the Monts-Valin has some fifteen summits over 800 meters high.

Its extraordinary snow gives it a vested status among snowshoers and skiers. What’s more, at the core of the massif, the Valley of Ghosts is not to be avoided!

9.Tour Canada’s Greatest Skating Rink

Rideau Canal, positioned in the city of Ottawa, is a waterway during the summertime that transforms into a skating rink evolve Canada winter time. The complete channel is nearly 202 kilometers (125.5 mi) in length, but only several segments of it are accepted as a skateway from January to March.

Still, Rideau Skateway has estimated Canada’s most magnificent skating rink and is supposed to be equal to 90 Olympic ice hockey rinks. Open 24 hours a day throughout the skating period; it has an aggregate of one million guests per YearYear.

10.Traverse The Majesty Of Whistler

It’s not just Canadians who link the pretty British Columbia settlement of Whistler with excellent downhill skiing. The magnificent mountain town has been designated as one of North America’s most desirable hotels by readers of Ski Magazine.

Revered by tourists and locals likewise, Whistler developed its profile after the success of the 2010 Winter Olympics. With its nearness to Vancouver—it’s only two hours northerly of the city—Whistler extends the perfect winter playground for all ages.

Challenge yourself on its snow-covered peaks, appreciate some retail therapy in its 200 stores, or experiment with the most exquisite cuisine in 90+ eateries and bars.

11.Stroll In The Cape Spear

Would you like to encounter the invigorating wonder of standing at the top of the North American region?

Tour the historic Cape Spear Lighthouse on the easternmost spot of the mainland and explore the reaches of Labrador from an entirely different point of view. It’s here where the sun rises first each day, and New Year’s Eve is praised before the rest of Canada.

Winter also means snow berg sightings! Plus, if you’re in quest of a fantastic experience, you might want to attempt windsurfing.

12.Visit Mount Edith Cavell

Mount Edith Cavell is said to be one of the most impressive mountains in the Canadian Rockies. During the winter time in Canada, you can get there by its classic cross-country ski tracks, with a mixture of levels of difficulty to choose from.

You’ll want to set your eyes on Angel Glacier, found at the base of the mountain’s north face. A geological wonder, it’s heavenly title comes from its appearance: that of an angel expanding its wings.

14.Lay Below The “Santiago El Grande” In Fredericton

When the climate is too cold to traverse the outdoors, look no further than the Beaverbrook Gallery for a peaceful getaway that won’t mislead.

Here, the visitors are prompted to sprawl on the rug beneath one of the world’s most unbelievable paintings, Salvador Dali’s “Santiago El Grande,” which was designed to encompass and confound the senses.

15.Go Underground In Canmore

Here’s the best point about caverns: it doesn’t matter how chilly it gets outside, the warmth is always consistent.

Canmore’s Rat’s Nest Cave visits at five degrees Celsius, cold but controllable temperature for the Canadian winter time underground experience. Sign up for a trip, and you’ll discover remarkable cave creations, rocky sections, and even aged bones.

16.Attend The World Pond Hockey Championships

Pond Hockey is the purer version of Ice Hockey, which is operated on iced ponds throughout the Canadian winter time. It is so successful that each YearYear, a World Pond Hockey Championship, is included in Plaster Rock, Brunswick.

In this case, more than 100 crews from all over the globe activity pond hockey for four days in over 20 ice rinks established in the rural township. Appreciate being a viewer, and you might receive unique pond hockey techniques from the most equipped professionals.

Meantime, if you want to investigate the sport firsthand, the most suitable spot to perform would be a yard ice rink constructed by the locals themselves!

17.Explore The Venue Of 1988 Olympic Winter Games

In 1988, Canada treated the Olympic Winter Games. Significant sports contests like Ski Jumping, Bobsleigh, and Luge took place in Alberta, where a previous ski hill was transformed into an Olympic Park.

Today, it is used as a drill ground for aspiring athletes and also a spot of entertainment for the people. Some of the winter ventures guests can encounter here include Snowboarding, Downhill Skiing, and Cross-Country Skiing. Meanwhile, essential gear is accessible either for rent or for possession in the local shops inside the enclosure.

18.Experience A Yearly Children’s Winter Festival

Canada Winter time projects are not just for grown-ups. Canadian children have their reasonable share of entertaining winter pursuits too!

In Charlottetown, there is an annual event called Jack Frost Children’s Winterfest. Popular and loved characters from children’s TV shows come here and celebrate with everyone. One of its grandest attractions is the Snow Kingdom made by the renowned Canadian Snow Sculpting Team. It features an ice slide, an ice-skating rink, and a snow maze. Meanwhile, if it becomes too cold outside, they also have an arrangement of the indoor playground with all kin of fun carnival rides and games to keep the little ones entertained!

19.Experience Northern Ontario’s Largest Winter Carnival

Take the Canada winter time fun to the next level and meet Boon Soo Winter Carnival, the most comprehensive exhibition of its class in Northern Ontario! This tradition commenced more than five decades ago, from the notion of a businessman called Henry Bullock.

The fundamental goal was to let people have entertainment during the long winter season, but years are succeeding, it had grown to be an allure for guests too.

At Boon Soo Winter Carnival, people fancy skating and ice figure building, as well as talent shows. The celebrations conclude with a venture called polar bear swimming, which includes diving into the waters despite the deep colds!

20.Explore The Montreal’s Nuit Blanche

One of the world’s most comprehensive winter festivals is the Montréal en Lumière and draws over one million guests every YearYear. The grand highlight of the fest is Nuit Blanche.

The most successful single-day performance in Montréal (which speaks sizes in a city that treats world-famous music and comedy celebrations each summertime). Hundreds of thousands pull an all-nighter traversing unrestricted cultural, musical, culinary, and sports-oriented ventures that run from 6 p.m. through 6 a.m.

21.Enjoy The Winter Wonderland From Your Train Seat

Train rides don’t have to be monotonous! In Canada, there is the VIA Rail, which can bring boarders from Vancouver to Jasper and from Jasper to Prince Rupert.

During the Canadian winter time, it contributes a front-row seat to the country’s most immense snow-filled landscapes, crossing the ice-capped peaks, snowy woods, and frozen ponds.

If you yearn to go Aurora-spotting, head over to Winnipeg and tour the VIA Rail train to Churchill. You can even arrange train vacation offers, which vary from the most affordable to the most extravagant. Nonetheless, you can appreciate the marvelous scenery even when in transit!

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Adventures To Go On

1.Go For Ice Climbing

Canada is certainly a lot for thrill-seekers, particularly throughout the Canadian winter time! Succeed the legendary Canadian Rockies by Ice Climbing, where snow-capped peaks, iced falls, and additional ice structures contribute distinct levels of complexity.

Its most distinguished mountain is Mount Robson, which is 3,954 feet, accompanied by SnowDome, Mount Temple, and Mount Columbia. Meanwhile, five federal parks incorporate the Canadian Rockies, all of which are designed as an original UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Before you go Ice Climbing, just make sure you are bodily fit and well-prepared for the cheap temperatures—this venture is not for the faint-hearted!

2.Attempt Snowshoeing

If you relish adventure, there’s a different Canadian winter time venture you would enjoy—snowshoeing! Comparable to hiking, it requires trekking a long distance in the woods covered with snow.

There’s exceptional footwear required in snowshoeing, which inhibits slips and makes walking on ice and snowfall a little more comfortable. You can purchase snowshoes, but if you’re on a budget, you might require to look for a snowshoe rental alternatively.

One of the most immeasurable spots in Canada to encounter snowshoeing is Kouchibouguac National Park, established on the easterly coast of New Brunswick. Highly recommended for families, it is a venture that can be experienced by all ages. It can even support in blazing those calories!

3.Skiing And Snowboarding

Canada is endowed with few of the most desirable spots for skiing and snowboarding in the world. In appreciation of the magnificent snow-clad peaks, guests can also check celebrated ski hotels that offer superb service and conveniences that complement the outdoor recreation.

You can have the most enjoyable skiing and snowboarding experience between Alberta and British Columbia, on the westerly coast of Canada. Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, is another famous skiing goal.

4.Tour A Dog Sled

Not into hiking? You can run dog sledding alternately! In this Canadian winter time venture, members tour on a sled towed by two or more dogs through the snow.

Due to its reputation, you can encounter dog sledding everywhere in all the thirteen regions and provinces of Canada. However, it would be best if you took note of the particular sledding sessions for each portion of the nation.

There’s Yukon, for instance, which is conventional for dog sledding from November to March, while Quebec has a more precise sledding period from January to March.

5.Experience A Winter Zipline Journey

A zipline spin? Simple. A zipline ride throughout the winter time in Canada? Now that’s something unusual!

At the Marble Mountains in the Canadian territory of Newfoundland and Labrador, there’s a winter time zipline channel you can undertake throughout day time or night time.

It is said to be the most long-drawn and biggest zipline in the nation, where one can intercept an impression of the Humber Valley and Marble Mountain Resort.

Anyone registering more than 70 pounds can experience a zipline trip, and it doesn’t need partners to have a preceding climbing adventure.


The sub-zero chill hardens the valleys, caves, and gaps in the regions of Banff, Lake Jasper, and Louise in Alberta. Winter converts these resort cities into gateways of glacial wonderland.

Ascend the glistening canyon cliffs and trek across enormous layers of ice to traverse the beauty of spots that are unavailable during summertime.

7.Buillding A Quinzee Or Igloo

Making a quinzee from a heap of snow or building an igloo from chunks of ice with your buddies and family can be a different and fun-filled adventure. Though it would take you hours in the snow to create your comfortable quinzhee or igloo, there is a terrifying delightful sense of slithering inside and ceasing within one.

They also make perfect fortifications during snowball fights. Furthermore, this can keep you warm in the freezing outdoors. If that seems like too much, alternatively try tenting in a prospectors tent concluded with a timber stove.

8.Traverse Alberta By An Ice Walking Tour

Ice walking trips are ordinary in Alberta; a territory dwelled in Western Canada since it is a dwelling to several gorges and waterfalls.

There’s Johnston Canyon Ice Walk, for example, which carries visitors to the feebler falls to the higher icefalls. Aside from the impressive scenes, it also gives a sight of wildlife territories during the winter time in Canada.

Twilight ice walk trips are also growing to become widespread, with robust floodlights highlighting specific sections of the valley. Another great option is the Grotto Canyon Ice Walk, moving through a frosted spring, ice waterfalls, and aged stone architecture.

Lastly, don’t neglect your regular ski wear when joining an ice tour!

9.Snow Tube With Your Pals

Spotted at most ski resorts, snow tubing is enjoyable and straightforward. It may turn out to be one of the most simplistic Canadian winter pursuits too! Just sit on an enlarged rubber ring, thrust down a cliff, get drawn to the top again, and repeat.

It’s a more superior variant of tobogganing. Hop down the hill appended with mates or sprint them to the origin; either way, snow tubing extends an exhilarating few hours of snow. Some snow tubing places have fire holes nearby, excellent for warming up cold toes or barbecuing marshmallows.

10.Go Ice Fishing

The pleasure of fishing is not restricted to summer! Winter ice fishing is recognized as a traditional recreational winter time venture in Canada, which includes digging a pit in an iced lake.

After composing a hole, you have to include a fishing line and expect firmly for the catch. Depending on the pool, you may discover Trout, White Fish, and Northern Pikes, amongst others.

Some of the most significant ice fishing localities in Canada incorporate Lake Diefenbaker in Saskatchewan, Kathleen Lake in the Yukon Territory, Cold Lake in Alberta, and Lake Simcoe in Ontario.

11.Bike in Mont Tremblant

Cycle over raw film on a “fat bike,” a mountain bike with comically oversized wheels created to be driven over the icy area. It’s a flawlessly stimulating and fantastic way to encounter the slopes and landscape of Mont Tremblant in Quebec. Plus, it’s an enjoyable way to stay productive this winter time in Canada.


An invigorating process to traverse Canada’s forest, ski-doing (also known as snowmobiling), is racing, intense, and joyful. Skidooing isn’t the most affordable winter activity, but it can take you off the battered track.

For those without much plenty of experience or coaching, there are loads of sustained (and still impressive) tracks all over the nation. Ski-Doo rentals are reasonable by the day from specialist shops and some ski resorts.

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Savor These Delicacies

1. Seize Drinks In An Ice Bar

Who says you cannot go out and have cocktails during Canada winter time? If you’re in Saskatchewan, you can stop by at the Bodega Ice Bar in Regina—an open-air ice bar fully-equipped with movables sculpted from ice blocks.

A regional specialist named Peter Fogarty is in command of the development each YearYear, while volunteer bartenders operate the ice bar. Open from December to March every YearYear, the ice bar’s profits go to a neighborhood charity.

In the meantime, if ever you notice yourself longing for a warm snack, you can go inside and request at the La Bodega restaurant, which is permitted all year-round.

2.Relish Pancakes With Maple Syrup

Pursue those winter blueness away by having unique sugary delights at the Sugar Moon Farm! Established in Nova Scotia, the field has a Log Pancake dwelling where you can cook up alongside a fireplace while swallowing Pancakes showered with Maple Syrup.

They also serve Sausages, Bacon, Beans, and Bottomless Coffee to go with your Pancake pile. While you’re there, you can even observe how Maple Syrup is produced.

Meanwhile, if you fancy going outside, you can hire snowshoes and follow the farm’s hiking paths.

3.Sip In Ice Wine

Decoction and warm chocolate are often compared with the Canada winter time. Notwithstanding, in Canada, there’s a fresh cocktail that is adequately served just as cold as the warmth: ice wine, a sort of dessert wine made of iced grapes.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels.

Canada is one of the two most considerable yielders of ice wine in the world, with the majority of the containers arising from Ontario. During winter time, various ice wine festivities are held completely in the nation like the Niagara Icewine Festival, the Nova Scotia Winter Icewine Festival, and the Winter Okanagan Wine Festival.

Apart from wine sampling, before-mentioned experiences also sustain ventures such as wine crawls and wine pairing assemblies.

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Adrenaline-Fueled Natural Beauty

In one of the most unusual surroundings for bungee jumping, enclosed by basalt column mountains and old-growth woods, coupled with the breathtaking mountain of Black Tusk in the backdrop, you will see why Whistler Bungee is considered as one of the most picturesque bungee jumping places in the world.

1.Prowl For Owls In Windsor

Point Pelee National Park, the most southerly spot of mainland Canada, is famous with birdwatchers, butterfly chasers, and outdoor lovers, but winter time in Canada produces its starlit charm.

Assigned a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, stargazing performances operate every month with the square open until midnight.

Winter performances, including the famous Owl Prowl, and you can ride to the peak of the park to observe ice structures and immigrating birdies.

2.Appreciate The Eagles In Victoria

In an estuary that runs through Goldstream Provincial Park, a single number of spawned-out salmon waste away in the current while hundreds of brilliant Bald Eagles visit from all over the mainland to feast.

From early December to late January, the eagles support themselves at low tide, producing the absolute opportunity to appreciate these pretty scavengers looking for prey.

Catch one of the available interpretive performances, a slide exhibit or discussion at the Nature House, and carry along a pair of binoculars.

Winter At Its Best!

Despite the abundant snow and the sub-zero temperatures, it’s not that difficult to admire the winter time in Canada. Most of the time, all this takes is some basic knowledge of adventure—then you’re suited to go. Have joy in the Great White North!

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