Trump’s Changeable Take on H-1B visas

Trump’s Changeable Take on H-1B visas 1

What Trump Has Said About H-1B Visas

A surprise win for Trump in the US presidential election has had Silicon Valley leaders in a spin as the Presidential incumbent has spoken out in the past against H-1B visas.

Trump’s Changeable Take on H-1B visas 2

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In the past, he has declaimed the H-1B visa as a form of cheap labor that takes jobs from US citizens but then has gone on to recognize that the US needs highly skilled workers and that foreign graduates should be allowed to stay on in America after graduation. He recognises that if someone has gone to a good American university such as Harvard or MIT and graduated first in their class, then that if they don’t stay on to live and work in the United States then there was a risk that they would just go back to India and start a business there, which would only be of benefit to India and Indian workers as opposed to the thousands of highly skilled immigrants who start successful businesses in America and end up providing jobs for the local population. Trump has discussed increasing the prevailing wage for H1-B workers to make it fairer for local employees to be able to compete for jobs. He stated that currently, the special H-1B visas were for the lowest wage possible legally, which gives Indian workers a financial edge against homegrown job seekers.

But as during the election process Trump has chopped and changed his beliefs to suit his targeted audience, and US tech companies are already demanding that the H-1B visas are not scrapped as it is vital to the American economy and job market. Without skilled immigrant workers, many jobs in the USA would go unfilled which has a detrimental effect for everyone, and it takes away America’s ability to compete globally in tech-heavy industries. So watch this space.

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