Trump’s Immigration Policies Have An Unlikely Benefactor – UK

Trump’s Immigration Policies Have An Unlikely Benefactor – UK 1

One person’s loss is another one’s gain. In the same spirit, Donald Trump’s anti immigration policies seem to have benefited a lot of other countries. Canada was the direct benefactor, which saw a surge in international student and skilled worker visa applications.

As the immigration controversies deal blows to many sectors in the US, the next in line was business schools. The Trump brigade seems to have scared off high level international students elsewhere. The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) has reported a change in the international students’ expressed interest in higher education from US Universities.

The GMAC, a non-profit organization, under which the GMAT is conducted, surveyed about 1,000 business schools and published its report. It was not a surprise that there was  approximately two-thirds of a decline since Donald Trump got elected. Now it may well be a coincidence, but the well-known facts suggest otherwise. Doubts about obtaining an H-1B after graduating was the first thing clouding the minds of these intellectuals.

Nottingham Trent University to the rescue

Nevertheless, international students seeking higher degrees in business administration have started looking for greener pastures. And Nottingham in UK seems to be the greenest by far. The Nottingham Trent University has seen an immediate increase in interest from international students.


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And it was quite obvious, to say the least. Baback Yazdani, the dean of Nottingham Business School admitted that UK had a bad patch from 2012 after abolishing the Post Study Work Visa. But the school has since countered this problem by offering internships and ‘experiential learning’. It helps students find potential employers who can sponsor visas or hire them outside UK.

This is good news for international students seeking MBA degrees. If one door closes. Another one opens soon after! Regardless, it is ironic that supporters of Donald Trump who favored him for his business acumen had to see the business schools, well, lose some of their ‘business’.

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