Tutors When Studying in College: Pros and Cons 

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College curricula seem to be comprehensive and suitable for all students, but the reality differs from this image. If you opened this article, you’re probably a school or college student who faced difficulties with studying and is thinking of getting a tutor’s help.

Unfortunately, not all teachers and professors seem to understand that students have lives outside the college. Many young people can’t pay tuition fees and juggle studies with some side hustles to have money. Let’s not forget that college students are old enough to have serious relationships, and classes shouldn’t destroy them. Balancing personal life and studying when you’re overloaded with assignments is almost impossible.

Private tutoring has been existing for a long time, and it’s rather popular among students. Many people who get extra lessons in complicated disciplines manage to learn it deeply and boost academic success. However, there are some drawbacks as well. Today we’ll review tutoring and define both the positive and negative sides of it. If you got interested in tutoring, you’ve probably tried other ways of getting assistance with studying.

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Pros of Private Tutoring Options

Well, the classes with their tutor have a lot of benefits for students and their academic achievements. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  • Customized or one-on-one teaching.

Individual approach is one of the fundamental principles of the traditional education system, but 90% of professors fail to meet this goal. And the reason isn’t the lack of skills or knowledge. The groups in colleges are big enough, and the lesson duration is limited, that’s why some students can lag. Private tutoring guarantees encompassing all topics in the curriculum.

  • Better grades.

This advantage comes out of the previously discussed one. Students who hire a private tutor and treat classes responsibly improve their academic performance. It’s impossible to attend extra classes, get additional explanations, practice skills day by day, and continue failing in college. 

  • Flexible learning options.

Schools and colleges have set schedules of classes, but only private tutors can meet students’ needs. If you can’t visit your tutor immediately after school, set a class a few hours later. Many good tutors live abroad, but it doesn’t mean the student can’t start studying online with the tutor they like. Many people choose online classes even when living in one city with the teacher to avoid spending time on transportation.

  • Tutors teach vital skills.

Good command of the material isn’t everything you need to be a successful student. Don’t forget to obtain some study skills and set useful study habits — they play an important role in students’ academic success. These skills are time management, proper concentration of attention, planning for each study session, reviewing notes before doing homework, and setting an appropriate study environment. 

Tutors When Studying in College: Pros and Cons  2

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Cons of Hiring a Personal Tutor

If you don’t believe that tutoring has disadvantages, read this section till the end to gain an insight into the useful information. We don’t aim to talk you out of classes with a tutor, it’s your life, and only you decide what to do. 

  • Less free time.

You probably got used to the fact that college leaves you almost no free time, right? If you decide to hire a private tutor, you should realize that you’ll have even less free time. Even though your tutor will help you do your homework in some subjects, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to rest more. Of course, it’s you who decides how long the classes will last and how much time a week they’ll take; you need to take at least 3-4 extra classes a week to see a result.

  • It’s expensive.

If your parents aren’t wealthy and have difficulties paying for your tuition, they’ll hardly give you more money to pay for a private tutor. Unfortunately, organizations issuing scholarships don’t provide grants to pay for tutors, so it’s up to each student to find a source of additional income.

  • A good tutor is a rarity.

You can’t check the knowledge and skills of a tutor until you have a class together. The reviews and testimonials may be good, but it doesn’t guarantee you two will match and work effectively. That’s why the process of finding the right person may last long.

  • Hobbies and other activities will suffer.

If you’re an active student and participate in some extracurriculars, get ready to give them up. We already mentioned that tutors take too much time, and it’s essential that you’ll need to sacrifice something you love for the sake of academics. Just think about that: do you need such a life or not?


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