UAE Residents Can Visit These Two Magical Locations: Visa-Free Travel

UAE Residents Can Visit These Two Magical Locations: Visa-Free Travel 1

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If you are a UAE resident and you love visa-free travel, then there’s some good news for you. After all who doesn’t love sitting on white sands overlooking blue waters as the sun rays glisten on it? If you are planning on visa-free traveling anywhere soon, there are two islands where you, being a UAE resident, can travel.

A new memorandum was signed for visa-free travel between UAE and two beautiful islands of the Pacific Ocean. The two magical islands are Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. While it is difficult to get to these islands from UAE, you can make a quick stopover while traveling to New Zealand or Australia.


Papua New Guinea is known for its long shoreline and coral reefs. It is also famous for its inland volcanoes, especially the granite Mt. Wilhelm, dense forest, and the world known Kokoda Trail. The island is mostly dominated by tribes, some of whom are completely aloof from other parts of the earth. If you love trekking, visit Papua New Guinea during June to September. The Solomon Islands is a country formed by a hundred different islands coming together. Many cultural and natural elements highlight the island country’s beauty.


Benefits of UAE’s visa-free travel scheme

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Even though reaching either of the islands is a tiring journey, you won’t regret doing so once you reach there. The clean and quiet beaches are a treat to visit. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, met with representatives from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands for its visa-free travel scheme. It is aimed at fostering better relationships with the island countries.


The UAE has also signed visa-free entry to other nations to improve international ties. Some of the countries that now allow visa-free entry to UAE nationals include Vanuatu, Saint Lucia and El Salvador starting from this year. Check the number of annual leaves left, and plan a vacation soon to any of these places.

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