UK India Trade Partnership Future May Hinge on India Visit

UK India Trade Partnership Future May Hinge on India Visit 1

Theresa May has UK India Trade Partnership Talks Ahead on Indian Trip

uk india trade partnership

UK India trade partnership and immigration are recurring themes for Britain at the moment, with Brexit set to pull the UK out of the EU, Britain needs all the trading partners it can get, but with free trade comes free movement of people. Supporters of Brexit have UK India trade partnership in their sights, and the rest of the Commonwealth as future trading partners with Britain but India’s economy is well regulated and inward facing. The Indians have proved to be tough negotiators on a UK India trade partnership, look for example over their sky-high whiskey tariffs when importing it from Scotland, the UK trade secretary Liam Fox, who is in India with Theresa May has prioritized reducing this tariff. But it is not just goods that UK India trade partnership includes, but services. Along with curry chefs, Tata and Infosys operate Indian call centers for UK firms, in addition to tech work worldwide, which generally requires skilled engineers on site, the government in India wants to prioritize easing the rules on intracompany transfer in the UK India trade partnership. Recent changes to the UK visa has in essence added higher charges and more rules to the very visa that these skilled Indian IT workers will need to do work in the UK. Britain’s services are in law and finance, and Indian regulations have this market in effect sealed off. What is required is some discourse on this which will be done in the UK India trade partnership which will lead the two countries mutually relaxing some visa regulations to allow Indian workers to obtain cheaper work visas for the UK, and India relaxing their visa restrictions on British professionals working in India.

Reasons For UK India Trade Partnership Talks:

But as the UK is in the middle of a perfect storm about immigration, it will be hard in the UK India trade partnership talks to shift a Prime Minister with hard-line views about immigration, who has in fact taken the Brexit vote as a sign to put border control above the freedom of trade to think about relaxing visa regulations for India. But historically Theresa May’s party has budged on visas before, when the Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the UK, the cost of two-year visas for Chinese citizens was reduced from £324 to £85 in a bid to attract wealthy Chinese tourists and business people. The UK is trying to sell its skills to other countries so it must be flexible on allowing students and business people streamlined visas. For the City of London to remain a global finance center then there must be a message of reciprocity to other countries as seen in the UK India trade partnership talks otherwise, it will look as though Britain is just on the take.

Theresa May is head of a party that appears to put immigration and security concerns above all else, but for the economy of Britain to grow outside of the European Union and to make a successful UK India trade partnership, she will have to show the world that free trade goes both ways.




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