UK Working Visa Processing Time: India’s Issues With UK Visas Continue

UK Working Visa Processing Time: India's Issues With UK Visas Continue 1

The recent visit by the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has not allayed fears that India has about the recent fee hikes to the UK working visa processing time and restrictions on international students working in Britain after graduation. The United Kingdom came to India seeking trade links post Brexit but appeared to be unprepared to make any significant changes to visas for Indians traveling or immigrating to the United Kingdom for work, study or tourism purposes. Currently, a two-year multi-entry visa costs well over £300 as opposed to the visa charge for Chinese citizens, which is now around £85. Many Indian business leaders felt that the UK did not address the concerns that India has about UK visas for students and professionals. The increased costs adds in to the problems of the UK working visa processing timeUK working visa processing time

UK Working Visa Processing Time Remains a Worry

The UK’s anti-immigration stance after the Brexit referendum at the expense of international trade deals didn’t go down well with many.  Yes, if you’re in India and are looking forward to a quicker UK working visa processing time, you’re still not in luck.

Great Britain seeks to build on bilateral trade agreements but does not seem to understand that with trade comes the free movement of work force as sometimes the trade is not in goods but in services such as for skilled IT workers. If the UK does go ahead with its plan of leaving the European Union, which is the worlds biggest single trade market then it will need to make business links with other nations to be able to compete on a global level. The only concessions that the UK government has made so far is an expedited visa system for a select group of wealthy Indian travellers and an offer of making further improvements if India would agree to accept illegal immigrants from India who were caught working in the UK in a speedy manner. Even though the UK visit to India was overall a success, it has also laid the groundwork for more changes on the UK visa process for Indians.

While the UK Visit to India was Success but work still remains on Visa reform. We do hope that the UK working visa processing time improves significantly in the next few months.

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