US Embassy in Turkey Starts Re-issuing Visas To American Citizens

Turkey and the US have been going through a lot of tension lately. Both the nations even stopped issuing visas to citizens of the other countries. Recently, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım visited the US to solve the issue. It seems like both the nations are on their way to amends as the US Embassy in Turkey has started to issue visas on a non-immigrant basis to Turkish citizens. Those who had appointments during the diplomatic crisis can reschedule their appointment.

US Embassy in Turkey Starts Re-issuing Visas To American Citizens 1

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However, Turkish citizens will have to wait longer than usual because the number is limited. Turkey stopped issuing visas to American citizens on October 8, 2017. The message posted on the embassy’s website read that travel visas won’t be given in mind the recent turn of events between Turkey and the USA. The Turkish government doubts US’s security for Turkish Mission personnel. Even the issuance of e-visas, sticker visas, and border visas was stopped.

Only those American citizens could fly who had a visa issued before October 9 and were flying on October 31 or later. If someone was caught with an invalid visa, the officials were instructed to send back these people. This applies to people who travel on connecting flights. All air carriers will refund the money for flights that are canceled.


Same response from the US Embassy

Turkey and the US have been in a cold diplomatic war for quite some time now. US’s decision only added fuel to the fire. Turkey stopped issuing visas to American citizens after the US ministry declared that it is reducing the number of visas for Turkish citizens. As one of the employees of the US Embassy was detained at the Turkish consulate, the US reduced the number. The US Embassy found it disrespectful.

Turkey and the US seem to get back on track. The diplomatic crisis affects the tourism industry the most.

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