Benefits Of Immigrants In USA According To Recent Report

Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamJanuary 18, 2019
Updated 2023/08/18 at 6:46 AM

Benefits Of Immigrants In USA: Myths Countered By Report

benefits of immigrants in usa

The national election in America has seen a lot of debate about immigration, much of it negative, especially from the Republican side, but a recent report has added a more favorable viewpoint to this debate.

A recent report on the benefits of immigrants in USA by the National Academy of Sciences, titled “The Integration of Immigrants into American Society” evinced that immigrants have lower crime and incarceration rates than the native-born populace. Have a higher employment rate, have better physical health, leading to fewer deaths from cancer, and heart disease and fewer issues with alcohol, obesity, and depression. Other benefits of immigrants in the USA include modern immigrants learn English at a quicker rate than previous immigrant groups.

There was also a myth that people could get Green Cards easily, while this has been proven not to be the case as it takes years before a person is cleared for US citizenship.

The benefits of immigrants in USA report also showed that immigrants are not taking jobs away from American citizens as they are doing the jobs that Americans do not want to do, or cannot do, due to a lack of education or particular skills. Another important factor is immigrant labor which is essential to the success of the US agricultural industry such as in crop and animal production vegetable and fruit picking and preserving.

One of the major benefits of immigrants in USA is, immigrants are generally young, and as the American population is aging they are vital to keeping society going, otherwise, there would be more people of retirement age than of working age. Benefits of immigrants to USA is essential because immigrants are twice as likely to start their own business, providing employment for the local community and enhancing the wider economy. Immigration needs to be supported by industry, business and advocacy groups, and there is a need to have a nationwide debate about it so that real reforms can be made that will bring benefits of immigrants to USA  and to the wider population.

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