USCIS Interview Work Visa Holders For Permanent Residency From October

USCIS Interview Work Visa Holders For Permanent Residency From October 1

If you’re one with an H-1B visa, expect some more stringent immigration checks from November. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has decided that people with permanent residency, including refugees and asylum seekers, will all be interviewed personally. The procedure for the work visas is due to begin from October 1.


Work Visas from October

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Work Visas – How Will It Benefit?

This new requirement will apply to all those looking to move on towards permanent residency from any one of the work visas.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you hold visas of type L, O or F-1 – you’d still be eligible.

2015, for instance, saw as many as 168,000 immigrants from the categories above who got permanent residency in the US. The annual statistics from the Department of Homeland Security states an interesting finding – out of the total number of immigrants who shifted to Green Card, almost 122,000 of them shifted through one of the work visas.

The new rules, implemented by President Trump, is one of his “extreme vetting” measures to ensure that only the ‘right’ immigrants make it through the checks. This is to carry out an extreme background check on the people entering the US from other countries. This procedure carries out a variety of checks. Furthermore, you will need references to prove your integrity and dedication to your work.

There would be even more visa categories that would need interviews in the future, if sources are to be believed.

Why Does This New Work Visas Policy Matter?

The recent policy, for instance, is to keep a check on fraud identification and helping prevent security risks to the country, as Carter Langston, spokesperson for USCIS pointed out. This process, however, seems to be a waste of time rather than helping issues and situations as viewed by the immigration office. This is just going to delay the process of achieving a Green Card, said William Stock, a Philadelphia based attorney.

Furthermore, the USA might try to introduce more stringent rules in the future. Previously, H1B visa changes have affected international students.

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