USCIS Will Start Processing H1B Visa Applications Within May 16

USCIS Will Start Processing H1B Visa Applications Within May 16 1

US has already completed the lottery selection of the H1B visa applications on April 9. The country received one of the highest numbers of H1B applications which amounted to a whopping 2,36,000 in the general category cap for the fiscal year 2017. The number is almost three times of the cap of 65,000 fixed by the Congress. Many American companies applied for the H1B visa for bringing in employees including countries like India. Employers applied to employ foreign workers in fields of engineering, IT, and science.

The category of advanced degree exemption also received more applications than the 20,000 cap. A huge number of students looking to study in the universities of USA made the number go up to a high mark. The applications opened on April 1, 2016. The huge response was in contrast with the current trends on the topic. The issue of H1B visas has already featured as a hot topic in the elections and politicians hold various standpoints on the subject.

Selection Of Successful Candidates Through System Generated Lottery

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) had conducted a random lottery selection process through a computer for selecting the eligible applicants for H1B visa. The random selection process was adopted for both general and advanced degree exemption category. First, the 20,000 entries for the exempted degree section were selected. Then the remaining ones were shuffled for choosing the 65,000 eligible visa applicants for the general category.

May 16 Marks the Beginning of H1B Visa Premium Processing

The lottery has already been done over with and the successful candidates are now waiting for the processing dates. USCIS has already announced on March 16 that it will begin processing of applications within the date of May 16, 2016. People who are exempted from the cap can continue to submit their applications. USCIS will receive and process them and there are no fixed dates.

Rejection of H1B Visa Applications and Fee Reimbursement

The huge response to H1B visas also saw a huge rejection rate. USCIS will reject and send back all the unselected applications. The fees taken at a time of applying will also be returned. But petitioners with duplicate entries will not be paid back their fee.

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