Utah Parents Get 19,000 Applications for Traveling Nanny

A Utah couple recently posted an advert on social media asking for a nanny to help take care of their three children while they travel the world. And the great part is that the nanny gets to travel with them on the year-long jaunt without any extra expense.

Traveling the world over is a dream for many, and this Utah couple hopes to do just that, within the next few months. But before that, they would have to choose one person from the thousand who had applied for the position, 19,000 to be precise.

While the Nanny would be paid a monthly retainer of $ 1200, she would be able to get an all-expenses paid trip to see the world. It is no wonder that so many applied for the post and now the Tillsons have the unenviable job of sorting through the thousands of resumes before picking the right person for the job.

The couple intends to travel with their three children to Iceland and start the trip, from there they plan to travel west, from there to Europe, and after which, and they would start their journey through Asia. The idea of a traveling nanny has gotten many talking, and the video has gone viral as well. And given the publicity that they have received, the Tillsons hope to chronicle their travels and share it with the world, via social media.

There are more pertinent questions that one may want to ask when applying for this post, as to whether travel insurance would be provided by Tillson’s or their insurance carrier, whether the job has a one-year redundancy set in it or can the nanny expect to continue working once the trip is over. These are some of the questions that any interested candidate may want to ask the Tillsons and if selected, get to enjoy the world come spring. It is surely a unique opportunity of a job that includes traveling the world!

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