Vancouver City Council Approves Rezoning in River District

River District continues to be one of the lesser areas in Vancouver to be talked about. On January 23, Vancouver City Council approved the motion for rezoning of 8420 Kerr Street and 3104-3130 Southeast Marine Drive. There are now going to be more townhouses as the zoning tag is no longer industrial.

With the rezoning, residents are looking for benefits that come with a CD-1 tag. Many small-scale convenience stores will be coming up, including banks like Scotia Bank. There is a 10-year development plan by the City of Vancouver, which talks about development of multiple strata units, and there are talks of banks like Scotia Bank and pizza store Panago opening up at the Town Centre 3.

Are there more rezoning plans on the pipeline? What are residents looking for?  On popular forums like Reddit, users continue to complain against the lack of amenities. Will that change anytime soon? 

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