Beautiful Vancouver Sunrise: Top 6 Best Places To Catch It

Vancouver Sunrise

There are more than enough places where you can sight the gorgeous Vancouver Sunrise in the city of Metro Vancouver. So many people love chasing the morning sun while on their morning walk, while some love the sight of the sun rising. Fear not, for we have some of the best places where you can witness this breathtaking sight.

Top 6 Places Where You Can Catch The Beautiful

Vancouver Sunrise.


1. Queen Elizabeth Park

Vancouver Sunrise

By Analise Zocher/Flickr. Copyright 2017.

Location: 4600 Cambie Street.

Queen Elizabeth Park is home to one of the best places where the beautiful Vancouver Sunrise can be witnessed. The Park has many morning lovers cycling, walking all the way to catch some of the spectacular views that can be seen.

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Situated in the arms of Mount Pleasant, this refreshing green Park is 125 m above sea level and attracts many photographers. Since the spot is in the heart of Vancouver, getting there takes you only 15 to 20 minutes by transit or car.

It might sound a little exaggerated but catching the Vancouver sunrise from this point in the city is one breathtaking sight. If you are someone who loves the warm, welcoming view of a sunrise, Queen Elizabeth Park is one place you sure must visit.

2. Whytecliff Park

Vancouver Sunrise

By Chris Morisawa/Flickr. Copyright 2010.

Location: Marine Dr, West Vancouver

Speaking of stunning views and beautiful sunrises, Whytecliff Park is one great place that stands witness to them all. It is situated in Western Vancouver around Horseshoe Bay amidst scenic mountains and spectacular sights.

Whytecliff Park is popular for being one of the most publicly loved Vancouver Sunrise Spot and has many people rushing here. Activities like hiking, scuba diving, and others are a regular thing here, and these draw a lot of families and groups to the Park for picnics.

The Park also has a beautiful beach area and a few hiking trails that occupy the park. If you are a local staying around West or North Vancouver, we highly recommend you visit Whytecliff and witness a glimpse of one of the most surreal Vancouver Sunrise.

3. Stanley Park Seawall

Vancouver Sunrise

By GoToVan/Flickr. Copyright 2018.

Location: Seawall, Stanley Park

The Stanley Park Seawall from the English Bay to Siwash Rock is a scenic 22 km long trail that offers a beautiful view of the Vancouver Sunrise. A great way to begin the day for many locals is cycling, walking, or even jogging along the shoreline.

The Seawall trail is also one of the major tourist attractions in Vancouver and draws a large crowd of people every day. The best point to witness the Vancouver Sunrise along this trail is the Dead Man’s Point, where photographers flock to catch the early first light of the day.

It is a great way for tourists to start exploring Vancouver with the Seawall as it tags along some of the city’s best, like Stanley Park, Kitsilano Beach, and Granville Island. The trail also has a skating track for inline skaters to glide through with ease.

4. Wreak Beach, Vancouver

Vancouver Sunrise

By Hella Delicious/Flickr. Copyright 2010.

Location: West End UBC, Vancouver

Vancouver is home to some of the world’s best sunrises and sunsets, and what better than to kick start your day with an exotic beach view. Situated at the edge of the westernmost point of Vancouver, this beach is famous and for all good reasons.

You may have to go up and down a few stairs, but once you reach the view, there’s no regretting it. The beach is famously known among tourists for its very southeast Asian touch and its clothing-optional advantages.

The best time to visit Wreak Beach is during the summer, as it can get chilly during the other times of the year. So be sure to get you something warm if you plan to catch the gorgeous sight of this Vancouver Sunrise in the early hours.

5. The Lighthouse Park

Vancouver Sunrise

By Gwendolyn Allsop/Flickr. Copyright 2019.

Location: West Vancouver

There is something about lighthouses and gorgeous views, and to prove us right is the beautiful Lighthouse Park with one of the stunning Vancouver Sunrise. This is one tourist-attracting marvel in the residential area of West Vancouver, with a lot of locals utilizing the space for their morning walks and jogging.

The Park is kept open throughout the year and has a very well-maintained surrounding, making it one perfect sunrise/sunset location. It attracts a large crowd that includes locals as well as tourists during all times of the day.

The Lighthouse Park is so dramatically scenic that it also has many photography enthusiasts flocking around frequently. It is of historical importance to the city and has no shortage of points to see the Sunrise/Sunset. Visit to catch a few scenes yourself with a well-packed picnic lunch that can be enjoyed with the great views here.

6. Mount Seymour

Vancouver Sunrise

By Bruno LEVEQUE/Flickr. Copyright 2016.

Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia

There is a breathtaking boon to being an early riser and visiting Mount Seymour, and that is getting to see this stunning Vancouver Sunrise. But, of course, the best time to visit this point is during winters, where the skies are usually in a gorgeous combination of pink, purple, and orange.

Mount Seymour is also home to Mount Seymour Ski Resort, which offers skiing and many other affordable prices. The best part about choosing this point for viewing the sunrise is that hiking up here is sure to give you Narnia vibes, leaving you nostalgic.

Remember to be geared up in a warm snowsuit and some ice cleats to make the most of your little trip here. This place is proof that you don’t always need summer or a great sunny day to catch a perfect sunrise.

And that’s not to say that sunsets in Vancouver are any less. Check out this sunset picture from Jericho beach in Vancouver, clicked by Vancouver resident Soubhik Chakrabarti!

Jericho beach Sunset

Beautiful sunset in Vancouver. Photo by Soubhik Chakrabarti

There are many more beautiful places like these in the city to catch the best Vancouver Sunrise. Being an early riser allows you to witness these gorgeous views and gives you the freshness that you need to get on with your stressful days. So make sure to visit some of these scenic beauties if you live in and around Vancouver.

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