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Many say that technology is dividing people, but it is doing exactly the opposite. Technology is bringing the world together and making it a smaller place every passing day. Australia granting e-visa service to Indonesian citizens is a good example of it. Paul Grigson, Australian ambassador to Indonesia, said that Indonesian nationals can now apply for a visa online for visiting their neighboring country, Australia. It is going to make visa application a lot easier as they won’t have to leave their homes for it.

Australia has a peak tourist season just after its summer, around the end of January. Visa application centres and embassy gets crowded and people have to wait for hours to process the application. Paul Grigson said that Indonesian nationals traveling to Australia has increased in the past year because Australia introduced a three year multiple entry visa for them. He said that Indonesians are visiting Australia for coffee, culinary options, outdoor activities, and shopping.

More than 118,000 Indonesians visited Australia between 2016 and 2017. This number made Indonesians the third highest group to visit Australia. Grigson expects the e-visa application process will further increase Indonesians nationals visiting the country. India is among the 200 countries have the e-visa service available for visiting Australia.

visiting australia


Visiting Australia once your life

Known for its Great Barrier Reef, Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere. It surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean on all its sides. It is most famous for inventing the white flat. Australia has some of the best coffee drinks in the world. Best places to visit in Australia are Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Grampians National Park, and Great Otway National Park. Local dishes to try in Australia are Anzac biscuits, Macadamia nuts, lamington, salt and pepper calimari, and lamb leg roast.


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