Want to Grow the US Economy? Immigration Laws Must Change


Immigration Law Lobby Group To Convince Congress to Change the Law

Every year across all of the American states, immigrants contribute millions in taxes and in job creation. This helps in boosting the economy. Immigration laws should therefore be made so as to aid them. This goes across the country, with 38% of entrepreneurs in California being immigrants and some 27% of its population, this generated business income worth $20 billion in 2014.us economy: Immigration laws change

In Texas immigrants paid $8.7 billion in taxes and contributed nearly $8 billion in business wealth. Florida saw immigrants employ 506,000 workers and contribute nearly $6.4 billion in tax, and 20% of inhabitants are immigrants, with 33% of them being wealth-creating entrepreneurs. Even in areas with less numbers of immigrants such as Rhode Island, the 7,000 immigrants there employed over 27,000 people and paid some $336 million in tax.Therefore immigration laws are in dire need for being changed.

Californian Farmers Face Massive Labour Shortfall: affecting US economy majorly,immigration laws in dire need to be changed

A Californian based association called Western Growers has stressed the importance of being able to hire foreign workers, as Californian farmers have faced a massive labour shortage which has negatively affected their ability to harvest their produce. They warned that if there were not changes made to immigration law then America could ultimately lose out to other countries for grown produce, which would put many farmers out of work. Currently some 40% of Californian farmers cannot get enough farm labourers to properly harvest their crops, this would eventually have a knock on affect on the local and national economy as well as on the environment and public health if fresh produce has to be flown in from other countries as opposed to being home grown.

The figures were gathered by the Partnership for a New American Economy, which aims to change US immigration laws. They also vow to show members of Congress that immigration is essential to the financial security of the US and break the data down so that Congressmen can see the positive affects of immigration laws state by state not just nationally.


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