Want To Work In Canada? Check Out Its Work Permits System

Want To Work In Canada? Check Out Its Work Permits System 1

Canada is fast becoming a hub for skilled talent to find employment. Situated north of the US, it is home to a multicultural dynamic, a point based and fair visa system as well as top employers in the world. It is great for skilled workers who wish to advance their careers and fulfil their dreams of a better life. So how would one go about working there?

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Work in Canada: How to Get Work Permits

Before you think about packing your bags and booking those flights, you need to know about work permits. Simply put, it is a permit that allows you to work in a country. Canada too, has its own work permit system. So, how do you get to work in Canada?

The general work permit system is very much akin to the UK Tier 2 visa. In this case, the employer needs to provide you with an offer letter approved by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This is a confirmation that the employer has offered you a job. Then the ESDC will check if this employment does not, affect the local Canadians in an adverse way, for which the employer has to take a labor market test. If all goes well, you’ll have your permit and you can start your journey to Canada.

However, there are exceptions to this rule to work in Canada. Here is a few of them.

  1. Highly skilled individuals who do not have an employment record, but can benefit the Canadian citizens or Federation in some manner can get a Code C-10 exemption.
  2. Some self-employed individuals with the potential to create even more employment can bypass work permits under Code C-11.
  3. Intra-company transferees for Canadian businesses can obtain a Code C-12 exemption.
  4. Working spouses of employees with work permits can get an exemption under Code C-41.

In conclusion, Canada has a great system for work permits and exemptions. If you have the skills and the will, you can easily enter Canada for employment or business and make your dreams come true. Are you looking forward to come and work in Canada too?

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