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What Is Boosting in Online Games and How to Order?

In view of the development of online games, the process of developing characters in them is also becoming more complicated. The developers are trying to balance the main levelling mechanics so that it is both interesting and dynamic for players to develop their hero, but at the same time, there is an overall complexity that does not allow players to gain an advantage too quickly and obviously.

Each player has a different attitude to the very process of obtaining levels and pumping, and all gamers can be divided into three groups:

  1. Active players – they pay great attention to pumping and most of the time, since the level significantly increases the strength of the character, opens up new skills and opportunities in PVP and PVE. The more the player puts into his level and the general equipment of the hero, the stronger the character will be.

2. Slow players – often these are gamers who love online games but practically do not have time for them, so they spend a few hours a day literally on the main quests or grind and progress through the levels, but are significantly inferior to the players from the first group and are very will get a little closer to the top gamers on the server.

3. Donators, or players who are willing to pay to improve their gameplay. Such gamers can easily pay for services from other players or services. also acts as such a service – here you can buy game currency and order boosting and coaching, get help in passing raids with a guarantee of anonymity, safety of personal data, help in case of problems with the game administration and the opportunity to return money in case of problem situations. Skycoach works only with its employees, without the involvement of performers from the outside.

What is boosting in online games

Boosting is a service during which you get the opportunity to quickly develop your character to the required level with the help of actions from a professional player. Such gamers thoroughly know the intricacies of pumping in the selected project and have the necessary tools for the correct and quick pumping of the character to the ordered level.

The time to complete the service depends on the overall ability to speed up pumping, which the game allows you to achieve. In some cases, it can be a couple of hours, or vice versa – it can take whole weeks, everything is individual, and all situations are discussed in advance by the Skycoach service manager.

Boosting from ordinary players – what are the risks

Casual players are gamers who want to earn extra gold by helping newcomers and who are not related to professional players who are hired by services like Skycoach.

The problem with such players is not even their qualifications – they can be good performers in their classes with good equipment, but due to the lack of a levelling plan and the right approach, they will simply waste your time and will not squeeze out the maximum experience in the allotted time. They may not be aware of the best places to upgrade and just drive you to places they are familiar with, not really attaching much importance to efficiency.

Roughly speaking, levelling with unknown players does not give you a guarantee of a good result, unlike professional services that immediately make clear the final level that you will receive if you follow all the recommendations from a Skycoach employee.

The second risk is, of course, fraud. The fact is that often any service that is provided from one player to another is paid in advance, before execution, since no one wants to deprive themselves of the guarantee of payment. This principle also applies to payments for in-game gold and for real money.

As you understand, the risk that after receiving the payment the player will simply leave the server and disappear is quite high, especially if you take into account the number of players who offer services and the inability to carefully check each one in any way other than relying on the opinions of other players.

Of course, such players do not bear any reputational risks, since they can always create a new hero and continue to engage in this unpleasant activity without, in fact, incurring any punishment from the administration, even if the players complain. This is due to the fact of the voluntary transfer of gold to another player, and as for real currency, these operations are completely prohibited, and if you start asking such questions to the game administration, you risk even getting sanctions and blocking your character for violating the rules of the gaming community.

As for services, they bear reputational risks and have a chance to lose their good name for a service that does not match the declared quality.

This obliges services like Skycoach to approach services with quality, all precautions and work with boosters of a high level of understanding of the game.

Procedure for ordering boosting from the Skycoach service

You need to go to the official website of the service and select the required game and service.

You select a server from the list of available servers and pay for the service, after which you need to wait for a response from the manager, which often takes several minutes depending on the time of day.

If for any reason you were unable to make a payment, or if you want to ask additional questions, then request feedback from a Skycoach service employee.

Based on the task and the level to be obtained, the game and the server, a personal Skycoach booster will be selected, the time to complete the service will be calculated, and a list of requirements will be agreed to be able to implement pumping in the best possible way.

Boosting can be implemented in two ways – by joining a group and following all the commands of a professional Skycoach player – the service is not responsible for slowdowns in pumping, which are allowed by the client himself. The second option is to transfer the account to a Skycoach employee to provide the service.

The transfer option is more reliable, since the booster does not limit anything and does not affect the speed of order fulfillment. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and the non-interference of the game administration in the procedure for performing the service.

When the service is completed, you will receive a notification and at the same time you will be able to monitor the pumping process in real time on the Skycoach website. Upon completion of the transaction, do not forget to change the password, since the service is not responsible for the security of the account some time after the completion of the service.

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