What Kind of Feet Do Foot Fetishists Like?

Did you know that the fetish industry is experiencing a 20% growth yearly? Moreover, with sites like Feetfinder seeing more than 350,000 visitors daily, there is no better time to start selling feet pics online. But before creating your account, you should know exactly what kind of feet your future customers will like.

What Do Feet Fetishists Look For in Feet?

Fortunately, bagging buyers is an easy task.

The US alone generates over 1.7 million search results for “foot worship” annually. With such a vast potential client base, you are sure to find buyers no matter what your foot looks like. Moreover, the feet fetish is not a uniform phenomenon. Instead, it covers a diverse range of feet, including variations in


  • Feet size
  • Feet length
  • Feet shape
  • Differences in toes/soles/ankles and more

For example, Buyer A could have a fondness for tiny feet of medium length with a curved shape. On the other hand, Buyer B may be fixated on larger feet with long toes and arched soles. According to studies, these variations exist because feet fetishes are learned behaviour.

Rather than inheriting them from birth, individuals with these fixations acquire them via experience. Research shows that early puberty and adolescence are the two most common periods for these attractions to develop. During these phases, people’s sexuality is very fluid, making them very receptive to imprinting and conditioning.

How Development Influences Fee Preferences

Surveys among foot fetishists show that foot fetishes often develop accidentally. As mentioned, puberty and the early childhood phase are marked as the most influential period for the development of this fixation. During this time, individuals may be exposed to certain elements that make a big impression on their sexual inclination.

The effects of these episodes may remain buried until these people achieve adulthood. Once fully grown, these may emerge in these individuals as manifestations of foot fetishism. For example, a child may see their mother changing her stockings or their father cleaning his leather shoes and creating a core memory around them.

Effect of Memory 

As an adult, these memories may surface as a sexual attraction to shoes and stockings. According to psychoanalysts, feet fetishists tend to be sexually aroused by this paraphilia because they have subconsciously imprinted them as markers of being “safe” or “cherished.”

Similarly, the shape, size, and length of the mother/father’s feet captured in memory may exactly be the kind of feet that arouses them as adults. So, rather than the objective attractiveness of your feet, your buyers will be more driven by their personal associations with the size/shape of the appendages.

For example, say you have the most beautiful, shapely, petite feet. However, if your client has imprinted the memory of their father’s large, robust foot shape and size, they may overlook your content. Instead, they are more likely to choose a buyer whose feet shape matches their inclinations more closely.

Influence of Early Sexual Experience 

Aside from their caregivers, feet fetishists may also base their taste on personal sexual experiences. For example, say Individual A has been pleasured using feet by a partner during puberty. Compared to teenagers with a conventional sexual experience, they will be more likely to develop a fascination for feet.

Moreover, this person may seek the same kind of foot as their initial partners in adulthood. So if they have been pleasured by someone with tiny feet with long toes, they will most likely search for this type of appendage.

Other Factors 

Aside from sexual experiences, people may also develop a foot fetish based on their involvement in sports. For example, a wrestler or a swimmer may acquire a fixation for soles, toes, ankles, or more due to the nature of their sport. Since feet fetish is a learned behaviour, subjective experience, more than objective beauty, is the primary factor influencing fetishists.

How to Appeal to Feet Fetishists

Because of these reasons, knowing and marketing your client’s preferences can help you bag regular buyers for your foot-pic selling business. Generally, shapely, well-maintained feet are the preferred kind among feet fetishists.

Buyers may associate such appendages with unattainable beauty and be more willing to pay higher rates. A GQ article sheds vital light on the importance of manicures and feet-based maintenance. When selling feet pics, you must ensure that your feet are always well cared for and look good.

Maintaining your feet is necessary because clients often associate them with an unachievable ideal. In turn, some are turned on by this idea of unattainability; the GQ article mentioned an interviewee who states that for them, “it’s about worshipping the feet of a woman who is hot and probably out of (their) league.”

You can also amp up your feet appeal by incorporating several props like

  • Heels
  • Stockings
  • Garters
  • Socks
  • Accessories like toe rings, chains, and more

Some feet pic sellers on Feetfinder also use oil on their legs to make their feet more appealing.

However, you can still sell feet pics even if you do not have traditionally “beautiful” feet. Not all foot fetishists are on the lookout for shapely, petite. Some buyers may even specifically request dirty and smelly feet. Others may prefer large, muscular feet rather than small, dainty ones.

As a content seller, you must be able to appeal to and market to these niche markets. Moreover, targeting these non-mainstream categories also increases your chances of bagging regulars.

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