What Makes Canada A Gold Standard for Casinos Around the World?

What Makes Canada A Gold Standard for Casinos Around the World? 1

The claim to the highest tier of casino standards is competitive. There are many candidates all around the world. The categories which each would put their names forward to be included in this tier – to join or dominate it – are varied. Monte Carlo casino has its glamour and importance to the sovereign city-state of Monaco. Macau’s The Venetian Macao which is the largest casino in the world, and has overtaken Las Vegas as the largest gambling market. Las Vegas wouldn’t want to be dismissed, though, as it has the highest concentration of casinos and is synonymous with the culture. These are, however, all land-based casinos, which forgets the rise to dominance of the online casino market. The matters here are increasingly competitive again, though. Canada’s claims are notable, it shouldn’t be forgotten. Here are two reasons why Canada is a gold standard for casinos around the world.

Freedom of Choice

Whereas gamers from other countries have to fight for legalisation, Canadian gamers needn’t worry. The Canadian government allows individual states to dictate their own gambling laws. The states’ interpretation of gambling laws only affects land-based casinos. It is slightly similar, in a way, to the American’s approach, but they are much, much stricter and often approach the gambling’s legality from the point of illegality, as opposed to making the gamer safer and more secure via protective legislation. 

The only law the national government implements is that it is illegal to run an online casino within the country’s borders, with the exception of the First Nations reservation of Kahnawake. However, it is perfectly legal for Canadian gamers to use these online casino services. For instance, there are plenty of options for trying your hand at baccarat available for Canadian players, including mansion.com, and for none of those options would they have to worry about crossing state lines. They can play in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec – anyplace. Canadian gamers can be free of worry.

Canadians are safe, though. This lack of interference doesn’t suggest a lack of attention or negligent practice. Licences and safety legislation is implemented to protect Canadian gamers from any potential dangers. There is a not-for-profit Canadian Gambling Commission which works with gamers, politicians, and businesses to ensure that there is fairness for each.

Incredible Views

There are a number of casinos in Canada that are set among immense natural beauty. Canada is well known for these attractions, and many tourists come to take in the sights, smells, and freshness of these places, not just to visit Toronto’s or Vancouver’s impressive downtowns or Quebec’s cuisine. Casino goers are making the most of them too. 

It is well-documented how much of an effect views can have on an establishment’s allure. There are restaurants, for instance, which make the most of this idea. The Sierra Mar Restaurant in Big Sur, California takes in the Pacific Ocean and the Delaire Graff Restaurant in South Africa is situated among the mountainous range in the Western Cape. The views don’t necessarily have to be ‘natural,’ though, and London’s Aqua Shard makes the most of this with its horizon-wide view of the city, which has the Tower of London, St. Pauls, the London Eye, the River Thames, and everything else there is in eye-line.

Fallsview Casino Resort in Ontario is built on a cliff overlooking the world-famous and beautiful Horseshoe Falls, which, along with American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, forms Niagara Falls. St. Eugene Golf and Casino Resort backs onto the Canadian Rockies and is set along the St. Mary River. Grey Eagle Casino Resort is at the foot of the Canadian Rockies too. These are all casinos of choice which offer a great dual experience of natural beauty and casinos. 


Canada provides fertile ground for gamers to have great casino experiences, and is, therefore, competitive in its claim to hold a gold standard.

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