Music You Should Listen While Playing Online Casino Games

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Icy Canada TeamSeptember 7, 2022
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Online casinos are becoming popular in Canada across provinces. Canadians are also participating in online gambling increasingly and playing in online casino real money. These virtual casinos are pretty immersive and try to mimic the experience of traditional casinos. 


However, most virtual casinos don’t offer music to accompany the gaming activities. Only games such as slots or video poker may have background scores or sound effects. 


As a result, you may feel bored or less interested in the game you are playing. So, we asked many gamblers what they like to listen to while gambling online and want to present our findings here. 


You can take inspiration from popular music for online casino games and try your luck for more fun. 


Setting the Mood


The music you hear when you walk into a casino sets the mood for your whole experience. You want something relaxing and groovy to feel motivated to play a few hands or cards or other games. 


We recommend genres like jazz and blues, which encourage you to place your bets leisurely. Moreover, relaxing music gives you the time and opportunity to set in and get used to your surroundings.


So, put on masterpieces by Oscar Peterson or Lenny Breau. Or, you may want to try a few tracks by Colin James and Jeff Healey. 


You may want to avoid fast-paced music like rock or rap as it may disrupt your gaming behaviour. It is more likely you will place bets frantically or without due thinking. 


Next, we will explore the artists and genres you can listen to for popular online casino games




Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games. Most gamblers like to try their hands on blackjack before they progress to advanced games. 


As a result, you need something to stay on the ‘point’ and not lose focus. We recommend listening to classic bands like Depeche Mode or The Rolling Stones. Some of you may even be comfortable with artists like Stevie Wonder. 


You may also listen to tracks you commonly do while playing blackjack with your friends. 




Roulette is a game of chance where you watch the ball jump and roll on the table. It is also one of the famous games in a casino, whether online or physical. 


You cannot make any compromises while playing roulette. The same applies to choosing music to go along with the game. You need something upbeat while ensuring you don’t end up getting too excited.


For this reason, we suggest you listen to bands like Queen or The Beatles while playing roulette. Even artists like Elton John or Sting might help you focus and improve your thinking skills.




Poker is popular not only in casinos but also among friends, family, and peers. It has a long history and is associated with social gatherings and reunions. 


Poker needs you to understand what your opponents are thinking. Along with that, you should have a good ability to score even if your hand is weak. 


However, poker may not be as engaging as other online casino games. So, you may play your favourite songs from bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. 


It may also be a good opportunity to explore the mysterious artists in the history of music. You can listen to legacies such as Jim Morrison or Syd Barrett. 




Craps is not the most exciting game around. Players can enjoy throwing the dice, but that’s pretty much it. The experience is less engaging for online casinos, where you click to throw your dice. 


As a result, you have plenty of room for fast-paced music that you can tap your feet to. For example, you may try to listen to classic rock like AC/DC or Neil Young. 


Else, you may play pop songs by Michael Jackson or Nelly Furtado. Another great artist to listen to while playing craps is Shania Twain. 


Slot Machines

Slot machines in online casinos may have background music. They also come with sound effects when you hit the jackpot or win a payline. However, the music can seem monotonous after a while, and you might reach out for your headphones. 

What is the best music to play with slot machines?

You can be creative and choose your favourite artists and bands while playing slots. The game allows you the flexibility to switch between genres without affecting your gambling habits. 

Some of the artists that Canadians listen to while trying their luck at slots include:


How Music Influences Gambling Behaviours


Music can impact our mood extensively. It is why we feel like listening to upbeat music when we are feeling down to improve our mood. 


Similarly, music affects how you think or place your bets in a casino. Fast music might put you in a hurry and influence you to place large bets. This is the reason bars in casinos play songs you can even dance to!


Consequently, slow music brings relaxation and gives you more opportunities to think. Therefore, less engaging games can fare better with groovy or fast-paced music. 


By pairing casino games with the right music genre, you may be able to make better decisions. It is just like using meditation music to focus and improve your concentration on the activity. 


As a result, choose the right music to be able to win more bets. 


Final Thoughts


Music is an integral part of playing at a casino. Unfortunately, most online casinos don’t have music or play songs that hamper the gaming experience. As a result, it may be better to choose your music and put your headphones on before you visit an online casino.


Games like craps are not very exciting and can accommodate fast music like AC/DC. On the other hand, you need to the point music from bands like Queen or The Beatles for roulette. 


Each of us has our own choices, but it pays to follow a genre that works for you best.

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